Flieber Named One of Most Promising Retail Tech Solutions Providers of 2024

Recognition highlights Flieber's pivotal role in democratizing retail through its innovative inventory planning solution

NEW YORK, March 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Flieber, an innovative Inventory Planning Platform for e-commerce brands, has been honored as one of the Most Promising Retail Tech Solutions Providers in 2024 by CIOReview. This prestigious award underscores Flieber's significant contributions to simplifying inventory management complexities, empowering brands to foster growth and profitability through informed decision-making.

In a year marked by challenges within the retail sector, Flieber has stood out for its ability to enable e-commerce brands to navigate inventory management complexities with ease and efficiency. The CIOReview accolade recognizes Flieber's dedication to unlocking growth and profits for brands by providing insights that streamline inventory decision-making processes.

“We are glad to feature Flieber as one of the Most Promising Retail Tech Solutions Providers 2024,” said Justin Smith, Managing Editor at CIOReview. “Flieber’s inventory planning platform for brands is truly recommendable.”

A shining example of Flieber's impact is its collaboration with Via Bom Dia, an organic specialty coffee brand that has leveraged Flieber's platform to navigate the surge in online demand during the 2020 pandemic. Flieber's insights enabled Via Bom Dia to remain the only coffee brand with available inventory throughout 2020, enhancing customer satisfaction and profitability amidst a challenging global supply chain environment.

"Flieber's mission has always been to democratize retail through improved operations," says Fabricio Miranda, Founder and CEO of Flieber. "This recognition from CIOReview validates our efforts and commitment to empowering brands with the tools they need to thrive in a dynamic market. We are proud to support our customers in their journey towards sustained growth and success."

About Flieber
Flieber is revolutionizing the way e-commerce brands manage their inventory. With its cutting-edge platform, Flieber helps brands avoid stockouts and overstock, tackling a problem that leads to over $1.8 trillion in annual losses worldwide. Founded in 2019 and based in New York, Flieber has garnered support from leading investors, including GGV, Monashees, Cherubic, AME, Propel, and others. For more information, visit https://flieber.com.


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