Avatier Unveils Patent-Pending Enterprise Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) to Prevent Catastrophic Data Breaches

PLEASANTON, Calif., March 20, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Kansas City Chiefs just won another Super Bowl and your enterprise password reset solution is still exposing your organization to more frequent and costly data breaches. Avatier secures and automates the world’s workforce with self-service unified identity management solutions through robust safeguards that could have prevented high profile data breaches such as the staggering $100M MGM breach of 2023. In an era where data security is paramount, Avatier's commitment to excellence takes a leap forward, offering a game-changing 2024 Enterprise Self-Service Password Reset (SSPR) solution. As the reality of cyber threats looms larger than ever, this groundbreaking solution, fortified by patent-pending technology, is poised to redefine enterprise cybersecurity standards and complements Avatier’s broader SSO and identity governance and administration (IGA) offerings.

Everyone has a self-service password reset solution but what good is it if it does not have assisted reset for your staff to securely confirm the identity of your workforce and prevent data breaches due to weak verifications of user identity when they call the helpdesk?

Avatier introduces patent-pending human-assisted MFA verification (MFA-V), seamlessly integrating with your existing enterprise MFA solutions. With no enrollment needed for most major MFA providers, Avatier enhances your current password management solution, offering assisted password reset with verification as an essential security layer.

“During the pandemic, a US Government security agency reached out to Avatier to ask us for a way to uniquely identify government employees who are working at home so they could reset their PIV card PIN (Badge PIN) without requiring employees to leave their house and drive into the office for ID confirmation,” Nelson Cicchitto, CEO of Avatier recalls. “I told him that the timing was perfect as Avatier was working on a patent to address a similar issue.”

“I always wondered why when we logged in to a cloud service, we used multifactor authentication (MFA), but when we called that cloud service provider for assistance, we were always prompted with many questions most of which were already found on the Internet. Why don’t we use the same method for both?”

To address enterprise self-service password management challenges, Avatier emphasizes many user enrollment options and widespread convenient usability. The Avatier Password Management solution, when implemented alongside existing password reset systems, offers unparalleled flexibility with multiple enrollment options. Our people-first design ensures ease of access, allowing staff to securely reset, unlock, and synchronize passwords across IT systems waiting to be modernized systems like custom in-house apps, IBM iSeries, RACF, SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and many others.

Avatier's 2024 Enterprise SSPR solution seamlessly operates through a browser and integrates with Microsoft Teams, Slack, Outlook, Phone Reset IVR System, and Text SMS Chatbot. Additionally, it functions as a browser extension, overlaying on top of business applications like Workday or ServiceNow, appearing when needed and disappearing after actions are completed.

Avatier's 2024 Enterprise SSPR solution represents a significant leap forward in cybersecurity, offering enterprises a robust, user-friendly system that addresses the critical need for secure, convenient password management. By pioneering a solution that bridges the gap between security and usability, Avatier sets a new standard for identity management, promising a safer, more secure digital workplace.

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