Lightbridge Senior Executives Assume Key Positions in Prestigious Nuclear Energy Industry Groups

Lightbridge CEO Seth Grae Discusses IAEA Nuclear Energy Summit on Scripps TV

RESTON, Va., March 21, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lightbridge Corporation (“Lightbridge”) (Nasdaq: LTBR), an advanced nuclear fuel technology company, today announced the appointments of senior Lightbridge executives within leading U.S. nuclear energy industry groups.

Seth Grae, President and CEO of Lightbridge, has been appointed as the Chair of the American Nuclear Society’s (ANS) International Council. The ANS International Council, a standing subcommittee of the ANS External Affairs Committee (EAC), focuses on enhancing global communication among nuclear experts, advising on international developments, fostering cooperation with various international nuclear and non-nuclear organizations, and establishing ANS as a key advocate for the safe, secure, and economical use of nuclear science and technology worldwide.

“I am honored to assume this role and look forward to working with international partners to address the immense potential of nuclear science and technology,” said Mr. Grae.

James Fornof, Vice President of Program Management at Lightbridge, has taken a seat on the Board of Directors at the United States Nuclear Industry Council (USNIC). USNIC serves as a primary advocate for the advancement of nuclear energy in the U.S. and the promotion of the American nuclear supply chain on a global scale. Representing around 80 companies involved in various aspects of nuclear innovation and supply chain development, USNIC supports a broad range of activities beyond energy production, including national security, medical therapies, environmental management, and space exploration. Through educational programs, industry insights, and market intelligence, USNIC facilitates collaboration between legislators across political lines, promoting nuclear energy as a key component of a successful clean energy paradigm.

“Joining the USNIC Board of Directors is a great opportunity to contribute to the advancement of the nuclear industry, and I am eager to bring my insights and experiences to the council,” Mr. Fornof commented.

Scripps TV Interview

Lightbridge President and CEO Seth Grae was interviewed on Scripps TV by Chance Seales from Brussels, Belgium, ahead of the IAEA Nuclear Energy Summit. Mr. Grae discussed the growth and future prospects of nuclear power on the eve of the first-ever Nuclear Energy Summit in Brussels. Hosted in collaboration with the IAEA, the summit sees the participation of business leaders and representatives from at least 37 nations, focusing on nuclear power expansion and sustainability.

Grae highlighted the construction of new nuclear plants worldwide, the extension of existing plants’ operating licenses, and the reopening of some previously closed facilities. This momentum was catalyzed by a pledge made at the UN Climate Conference in Dubai to triple global nuclear power by 2050, signaling a shift from ambition to action. Grae expects government representatives at the Summit today will place a special emphasis on financing mechanisms and that the U.S. delegation will stress deployment of American technology due to its benefits, including high safety standards. Lightbridge is innovating in the nuclear fuel sector, developing metallic fuel that offers significant performance, safety, and economic benefits, including compatibility with new small modular reactors and the potential for integration into zero-carbon grids that include renewables. Grae also addressed public concerns about nuclear power plant locations, suggesting that Lightbridge Fuel could drastically reduce emergency zones, thereby mitigating 'not in my backyard' sentiments while underscoring the importance of clean, reliable, and safe energy in meeting rising global energy demands.

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About Lightbridge Corporation 
Lightbridge Corporation (NASDAQ: LTBR) is focused on developing advanced nuclear fuel technology essential for delivering abundant, zero-emission, clean energy and providing energy security to the world. The Company is developing Lightbridge Fuel™, a proprietary next-generation nuclear fuel technology for existing light water reactors and pressurized heavy water reactors, significantly enhancing reactor safety, economics, and proliferation resistance. The Company is also developing Lightbridge Fuel for new small modular reactors (SMRs) to bring the same benefits plus load-following with renewables on a zero-carbon electric grid.

Lightbridge has entered into two long-term framework agreements with Battelle Energy Alliance LLC, the United States Department of Energy’s operating contractor for Idaho National Laboratory, the United States’ lead nuclear energy research and development laboratory. DOE’s Gateway for Accelerated Innovation in Nuclear program has twice awarded Lightbridge to support the development of Lightbridge Fuel over the past several years. Lightbridge is participating in two university-led studies through the DOE Nuclear Energy University Program at Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Texas A&M University. An extensive worldwide patent portfolio backs Lightbridge’s innovative fuel technology. Lightbridge is included in the Russell Microcap® Index. For more information, please visit

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