Green Hydrogen Systems announces appointment of permanent CEO

Company announcement 08/2024

Green Hydrogen Systems announces appointment of permanent CEO

Kolding, Denmark, 22 March 2024 – Green Hydrogen Systems A/S announces that interim Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Peter Friis has been appointed by the Board of Directors as the continuing and permanent CEO as of today.

Peter Friis assumed the position of interim Chief Executive Officer on 15 October 2023, as communicated in the Company Announcement 31/2023 of 2 October 2023.

CEO Peter Friis and CFO Ole Vesterbæk will hereafter form the Executive Management of Green Hydrogen Systems.

For more info, please contact:

Jesper Buhl, Head of External Relations, +45 5351 5295,

Green Hydrogen Systems in Brief

Green Hydrogen Systems is a clean technology company and a leading provider of standardised, modular electrolysers for producing green hydrogen based on renewable energy. Green hydrogen plays a crucial role in the ongoing fundamental shift in energy systems towards net-zero emissions in 2050. Founded in 2007 and building on years of technology development, Green Hydrogen Systems has a commercially proven and cost-competitive electrolysis technology endorsed by leading green energy companies. 

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08_2024 Green Hydrogen Systems Announces Permanent CEO