MetasTx LLC Celebrates Dr. David Crich’s Achievement of the 2024 James Flack Norris Award in Physical Organic Chemistry

PITTSBURGH, March 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- MetasTx LLC, an innovator in the development of novel cancer treatment agents, proudly congratulates Dr. David Crich, GEORGIA RESEARCH ALLIANCE AND DAVID CHU EMINENT SCHOLAR IN DRUG DESIGN and Head of Chemistry at MetasTx, for being honored with the prestigious 2024 James Flack Norris Award in Physical Organic Chemistry. This accolade is presented annually by the American Chemical Society (ACS) to recognize outstanding contributions to the field of physical organic chemistry, and Dr. Crich's selection underscores his profound impact on medicinal and carbohydrate chemistry, including glycobiology.

Dr. Crich’s extensive body of work, particularly his revolutionary methods for stereoselective glycosylation, has significantly advanced our understanding of organic chemistry's complex mechanisms. His research not only illuminates the intricate dynamics of carbohydrate chemistry but also paves the way for innovative therapeutic strategies. The award highlights Dr. Crich's sustained commitment to the study and application of mechanistic organic chemistry, marking a milestone in his career.

In his current roles, Dr. Crich leverages his expertise to further MetasTx’s mission of developing groundbreaking treatments for cancer. His pioneering work in hydroxylamine-based anticancer antibiotics and the application of physical organic principles in medicinal chemistry are especially noteworthy. These contributions exemplify Dr. Crich's unique ability to harness complex chemical reactions for the development of life-saving treatments.

Upon receiving the award, Dr. Crich reflected on his career, noting a recent highlight: "I’ve had many memorable projects, but most recently, the counterintuitive development of hydroxylamine-based anticancer antibiotics and the use of physical organic principles to predict and then exploit previously unrecognized aspects of glycosidase reaction mechanisms."

Keith Woerpel, a colleague from New York University, praised Dr. Crich's meticulous approach: "David’s attention to detail in understanding reaction mechanisms and applying those ideas in synthesis has transformed how we think about a number of reactions, particularly in the carbohydrate field."

MetasTx is honored to have Dr. Crich as a key member of the team, where his dedication to science significantly contributes to our goal of advancing cancer treatment.

“We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Dr. Crich on this well-deserved recognition and look forward to his continued contributions to both the scientific community and our efforts at MetasTx,” says Harvey Homan, CEO of MetasTx.

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