Open Programmatic Ad Click Fraud Rose 47% in 2023: Pixalate’s Q4 2023 Global Click Fraud Benchmarks Reports for Mobile Apps, Desktop Web, & Mobile Web

New research into 46B+ open programmatic ad transactions reveals a 25% click fraud rate across desktop web, mobile web, and mobile in-app in Q4 2023 - up 47% since Q2 2023 (17%); Desktop web (34%) had the highest click fraud rate, followed by mobile web (21%) and mobile in-app (13%)

LONDON, March 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Pixalate, the market-leading fraud protection, privacy, and compliance analytics platform for Connected TV (CTV) and Mobile Advertising, today released the Q4 2023 Global Click Fraud Benchmarks Reports for desktop web, mobile web, and mobile in-app advertising.

The reports examine how many clicks on open programmatic advertisements were invalid or fraudulent - i.e., generated by invalid traffic (IVT) - in Q4 2023. Pixalate’s data science team analyzed 46B+ open programmatic transactions across mobile web (8B+ impressions over 145M+ websites), desktop web (4B+ impressions over 69M+ websites), and mobile apps (34B+ impressions over 500k+ mobile apps).

Key Findings:

  • 25% of clicks for all open programmatic advertising were invalid in Q4 2023 
    • Up from 17% in Q2 2023 (+47% rise)
  • 34% of clicks on global desktop web traffic were invalid in Q4 2023
    • Up from 21% in Q2 2023
  • 21% of clicks on global mobile/tablet web traffic were invalid in Q4 2023
    • Up from 16% in Q2 2023
  • 13% of clicks on global mobile in-app traffic were invalid in Q4 2023 (equal to Q2 2023)
  • 66% of invalid clicks on desktop web were generated by traffic flagged for the Click Farm or Datacenter IVT types, as measured by Pixalate
  • On mobile web, traffic from Japan had the highest click fraud rate of 42%; traffic from the U.S. had a 26% click fraud rate

“Click-throughs often drive a market premium, and so are a common target for fraud schemes, such as bot traffic,” said Amit Shetty, VP Product, Pixalate. “Identifying IVT (including fraud) within click traffic presents significant challenges, as legitimate clicks and IVT clicks often share similar characteristics.”

Pixalate has developed a solution to address these hurdles by employing our Click Fraud Detection technology to effectively map clicks to impressions and identify IVT. Our platform enables detection of various IVT types associated with suspicious users, ad creatives, or publishers.

Download a free copy of Pixalate’s Q4 2023 Global Click Fraud Benchmarks Reports:

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