RTOERO hosts inaugural Future of Aging Summit in Toronto

International experts to discuss groundbreaking strategies and innovations for embracing longevity and prioritizing life quality

Toronto, Canada, March 27, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With nearly 25 per cent of Canadians becoming seniors by 2030, and a global demographic shift towards an aging population, the need for innovative solutions to improve later life is critical. RTOERO, the trusted voice on healthy, active aging, is addressing this need by bringing together global leaders to discuss, share and create strategies to improve later life. RTOERO’s inaugural Future of Aging Summit, scheduled for May 15 to 17 at the Marriott Downtown in Toronto, aims to address the critical and timely issues that a rapidly aging world population poses for healthcare, pension systems, and the labor force, focusing on the Canadian perspective within the global context.

“RTOERO is at the forefront of shaping a future where aging is not just a demographic trend but an opportunity for societal growth and innovation,” says Martha Foster, chair of the board at RTOERO. “Our strategic vision is to reimagine a world where seniors lead vibrant, healthy lives, supported by sustainable healthcare and retirement systems. The Future of Aging Summit is a cornerstone of this vision, bringing together global experts to exchange ideas and forge solutions that complement our advocacy efforts and ensure a better future for all generations.”

The Summit will unpack the trends and opportunities affecting the future of aging in Canada and will map out cross-sectoral solutions to embrace longevity and prioritize life quality. Fourteen globally recognized aging experts from nine countries will tackle the top five themes in aging, with an emphasis on solutions that will benefit Canada's aging population.:

  • Redesigning workplaces and rethinking retirement policies
  • Reimagining healthcare for aging populations
  • Reducing the impact of inequity on healthy aging
  • Improving livable years with age-tech
  • Remodeling communities for highly aged societies

Speaker highlights 

  • Theo Kocken, director, of Your 100-Year Life, will present the first non-academic screening in Canada, and facilitate a discussion about rethinking retirement policies.
  • Ritu Sadana, head of ageing and health with the World Health Organization, will look into the future of aging.
  • Hiroko Akiyama, a leading figure in gerontology from the University of Tokyo, will discuss community redesign for an aging society.
  • DY Suharya, founder of Alzheimer’s Indonesia, will highlight the importance of grassroots advocacy in effecting systemic change.

RTOERO’s Vibrant Voices Advocacy program underpins the summit's agenda, emphasizing the need for public policy that supports a high-quality life for older adults in Canada. This encompasses improved healthcare services, pension security, and inclusive, age-friendly community planning. Such advocacy not only benefits current seniors but also lays the groundwork for future generations, ensuring a societal infrastructure that adapts to the rapidly changing demographic landscape across Canada and the world.

The Future of Aging Summit offers policymakers, researchers, designers, planners, community organizers, engineers and advocates, an opportunity to engage with experts, share insights, and collaborate on innovative solutions to address the challenges and opportunities presented by an aging population. For more information and to register online, visit https://agingsummit.rtoero.ca.  

RTOERO is a bilingual trusted voice on healthy, active living in the retirement journey for the broader education community. With 84,000+ members in 51 districts across Canada, we are the largest national provider of non-profit group health benefits for education workers and retirees. We welcome members who work in or are retired from the early years, schools and school boards, post-secondary and any other capacity in education. We believe in a better future, together!



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