Elevate Renewables’ Battery Energy Storage Projects at Existing Power Plants in Connecticut Expected to Enhance Reliability in ISO New England Region and Accelerate Clean Energy Transition

Company’s Development Portfolio Positioned to Expedite Renewable Energy Penetration and Reduce Carbon Footprint of the Traditional Power Sector

BOSTON, April 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Elevate Renewables ("Elevate" or the "Company"), a national renewable energy development company, is reshaping the future of the energy transition by developing utility-scale battery storage projects at existing large power generation facilities in Connecticut and across the U.S. The Company aims to deliver carbon-neutral electricity and maintain reliability as demand for electricity grows and the energy mix continues to evolve.

Elevate, owned by ArcLight Capital Partners ("ArcLight"), the State's most prominent merchant power producer, is currently exploring or in various stages of advancing battery energy storage projects at critical locations within Connecticut, including the Middletown Generating Station, Montville Generating Station, Bridgeport Harbor Station, New Haven Harbor Station, and the Devon Power Station. These endeavors mark significant milestones in accelerating a sustainable energy network designed for long-term viability and include innovative, forward-thinking project designs that would provide valuable insight for the region and nation, exemplifying Elevate Renewables' commitment to driving impactful change.

"Elevate’s mission of redeveloping on brownfield sites, repurposing existing power plants, and cost-effectively and efficiently reusing the current energy infrastructure is realized at these strategic locations in Connecticut and is ideal from a development standpoint. We believe our projects will play a key role in the overall decarbonization of thermal power plants while maintaining reliability and helping achieve the identified clean energy goals in New England," said Corey Juhl, VP of Development at Elevate.

The Company has an extensive brownfield pipeline of energy storage projects in various stages of development in Connecticut and several other states, including California, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, and Maryland. Elevate’s battery energy storage systems (BESS) will assist the integration of large amounts of offshore wind and other intermittent resources, provide grid-supporting services, redefine grid management, and enhance resiliency in the ISO New England region and nationwide.


Elevate Renewables™ is a national renewable energy development company focused on strategically deploying battery energy storage electric resources to decarbonize existing fossil-fuel-powered generation facilities. The Company currently has an extensive brownfield pipeline and is active in energy markets throughout the U.S., where the rapid growth of intermittent and inflexible renewable energy has created a need for flexible, dispatchable renewable energy, which can uniquely be met by utility-scale battery storage.

Elevate is working to reduce the traditional power sector's environmental and carbon footprint through the deployment of carbon-neutral battery energy storage projects and is committed to a safe, reliable, environmentally conscious energy transition in a way that benefits the planet, our stakeholders, and the broader communities in which these facilities currently operate.

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