BTCC Exchange and Red Eagle Foundation Host Successful Golf Day with Frank Lampard, Raising £31,000 for Charity

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LONDON, April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- BTCC Exchange, one of the world's longest continuously operating cryptocurrency exchanges, proudly co-hosted Red Eagle Foundation’s charity golf day as headline sponsor on March 28th.

The event drew over 120 business executives and golf enthusiasts, who competed on the golf course. Familiar faces like comedian Aaron James and former Chelsea player and talkSport presenter Scott Minto also joined in the festivities. Following the golf competition, participants gathered for lunch and a Q&A session with Chelsea and England legend Frank Lampard. The event turned out to be a resounding success, raising £31,000 (after accounting for costs) for the Red Eagle Foundation and its beneficiaries.

Alex, BTCC Exchange's Head of Operations, expressed his gratitude to the Red Eagle Foundation team, acknowledging their tireless efforts in making this event truly special. “Months of close collaboration culminated in this remarkable occasion, and the hard work paid off,” Alex remarked, “We are delighted with the outcome and the substantial funds we were able to raise for the benefit of disadvantaged children and their families.”

The Red Eagle Foundation, based in the UK, is a local charity organization dedicated to empowering disadvantaged children facing mobility, mental health and learning difficulties, and those from a disadvantaged financial background, in particular but not exclusively by the provision of funding for equipment not provided by the NHS.

Alex also expressed his gratitude towards Frank Lampard for his participation, acknowledging the excitement and awe of seeing him in person. “Frank's involvement undoubtedly elevated the event and played a huge role in helping us raise significant funds for the children in need.”

Additionally, Alex mentioned, “Both Chelsea and England have an immense fan base around the world. We are working with the Red Eagle Foundation to organize another charity auction in the coming months, featuring signed shirts and memorabilia from football legends. Fans should stay tuned for more updates.”

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