Anthony Denkinger Appointed as CEO of LOOT8, Inc., a Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (GRHI)

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va., April 03, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRHI) ($GRHI) announces that its wholly-owned subsidiary LOOT8, Inc. ("LOOT8") appointed Anthony Denkinger as the Chief Executive Officer. LOOT8 focuses on merging the digital and physical realms through blockchain technology.

With a distinguished background in logistics and operations management, both in the military and the private sector, Anthony brings a wealth of experience, strategic insight, and leadership to the LOOT8 team. Under his guidance, LOOT8 expects to continue expanding its offerings, enhancing how businesses, artists, and creators engage with their communities through unique digital and physical experiences. Anthony, previously leading LOOT8 product management, is set to lead LOOT8 into its next growth phase.

Marcus Daley will continue as the CEO of Gold Rock Holdings, focusing on strategic oversight and the broader vision of integrating cutting-edge technologies within the AI, digital assets, and blockchain domains. With numerous partnerships and a long history of working with frontier technology, LOOT8 will continue its journey under the mentorship of Marcus Daley.

LOOT8 looks forward to Anthony's leadership in driving innovation, fostering community engagement, and setting new standards in the digital content management space.

For more information about LOOT8 and its future initiatives under Anthony Denkinger's leadership, please visit

About LOOT8, Inc. (“LOOT8”):

LOOT8, Inc. ("LOOT8") is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRHI) and an innovative enterprise-level content management platform. LOOT8 is redefining digital collectibles and fan experiences in the Web3 era, integrating a suite of advanced tools; the platform offers unique benefits like product drops, venue interactions, and sustained fan engagement. Available in the App Store, Google Play Store and in the browser, LOOT8 seamlessly bridges Web2 and Web3, providing a secure SaaS-like transition into the future of digital content. With its ability to merge digital collectibles with real-world experiences, it's adaptable across events like concerts, conferences, and sports. The platform's recent collaboration with Unsigned Prospects is designed to provide collegiate athletes with unparalleled content autonomy, amplifying their current visibility and fostering sustained fan relationships. It is also built to support their future endeavors. Under the stewardship of a seasoned executive team, LOOT8 is strategically poised to capitalize on its multifaceted applications and influential partnerships -

About Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRHI) ($GRHI)

Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRHI) ($GRHI), through its wholly-owned subsidiary LOOT8, Inc. "(LOOT8), is focused on innovation in the rapidly evolving world of AI, digital assets, and blockchain technology. LOOT8 is dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of these frontier technologies to move forward critical sectors, including blockchain security, property, and content management. Utilizing technologies such as AI, streaming, geofencing, and QR codes, LOOT8 connects physical objects with their digital counterparts, unlocking new possibilities in the digital asset market. Driven by integrity and transparency, GRHI, powered by LOOT8, is a leader in the blockchain industry -

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