Most Smoking Employees Gain Over Three Weeks of Paid Time Off Through Smoke Breaks According to New Study

Survey Conducted by Nicokick Also Indicates Workplace Smoking Hinders Quitting Efforts, Advocates for Productive Work Breaks and Smoking Alternatives

WASHINGTON, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Nicokick, the world's leading e-commerce company in the smokeless industry, launched today the results of a study that sheds light on the detrimental effects of workplace smoke sessions on employee productivity. The study underscores the importance of promoting productive breaks among employees that do not significantly disrupt the workday.

Research across over 2,000 nationwide participants shows that workers seek a reprieve from work, with 57% citing smoking as a mental break and 41% viewing it as an opportunity to change their environment. The study also showed that smoking at work exacerbates the difficulty of quitting, with over 60% of respondents citing workplace smoking as a barrier.

“High-stress environments are causing employees to crave something other than what they’re enduring for eight or more hours a day,” said Markus Lindblad, head of legal and external affairs at Nicokick. “It’s important for productive breaks to be prioritized, or else the overall well-being of the employees themselves will decrease because of the damage consistent smoking is known to cause not only physically but mentally as well.”

On average, most smokers take 4.6 breaks per workday for 7.2 minutes each, totaling 143.45 hours per year, giving an employee over three weeks of time off for smoking breaks alone. The loss of hours added to businesses attempting to get back onto their feet post-pandemic only further highlights the necessity of encouraging employees to use their breaks more effectively.

“The study revealed high smoking rates in industries such as retail, catering and leisure, IT and telecommunications, and healthcare. While it is possible for a company to decide to deduct these breaks from working hours or if they’ll tolerate smoke breaks at all, there should still be an emphasis on workplace wellness as it is an aspect that benefits both the employee and the employer,” Lindblad added.

For those looking to switch away from smoking or to find an alternative that won’t hinder their workday, less harmful substitutes, such as nicotine pouches, could assist in that journey.

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