QuantalRF Launches Groundbreaking 5-7 GHz Wi-Fi 7 Front-End IC in CMOS SOI

ZÜRICH, Switzerland, April 04, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- QuantalRF, the pioneering developer of RF semiconductor and antenna solutions, is proud to announce the launch of its innovative QWX27105 single-chip 5-7 GHz front-end IC, its first release in the Elementum™ family of Wi-Fi 7 products. This cutting-edge product integrates all RF front-end components into an ultra-compact CMOS SOI design, outperforming current GaAs and SiGe products.

Based on QuantalRF’s game-changing RF architecture, announced in October 2023, the RF power amplifier efficiency is boosted to unprecedented levels, reducing power consumption by up to 50% in Wi-Fi 7 client devices such as smartphones and laptops, enabling longer battery life and less heat dissipation.

The QWX27105 delivers up to +22 dBm of linear transmitted output power, greatly enhancing the range of Wi-Fi. It fully supports 320MHz wideband channels and 4K QAM modulation at a dynamic EVM of -45 dB or better, for the highest speed connections of Wi-Fi 7, marking a first-ever achievement for an all-silicon 5-7 GHz RF power amplifier.

Moreover, achieving full integration including RF matching into a sub-2mm² silicon die, manufactured in a high-volume 12-inch SOI process, shipping either as bare die or in standard packages, offers substantial cost advantages compared to current alternatives.

Yet another key advantage of our architecture is a high degree of on-chip configurability. This allows versatile reconfiguration for different supply voltages, channel optimizations, and operational modes (linear vs non-linear), accommodating a wide array of applications and products with the same silicon.

“We are excited to now launch our groundbreaking QWX27105, 5-7GHz FEM in CMOS SOI, and are absolutely delighted to see the keen interest from top names in the Wi-Fi industry,” said Dr. Ali Fard, CEO of QuantalRF. He continues, “We have delivered first silicon to our lead customers and look forward to the close collaboration on next-gen, energy-efficient Wi-Fi systems.”

At the same time, QuantalRF announces the release of a comprehensive DockOn® antenna portfolio for Wi-Fi 7, leveraging our innovative and patented CPL antenna technology to set new industry standards. These antennas deliver unparalleled efficiency and true omni-directional radiation for improved range and spatial coverage, thereby greatly enhancing the Wi-Fi user experience. The compact antenna designs are manufactured in standard material circuit boards, offering the lowest cost and seamless integration into devices such as gateways, access points and IoT modules.

QuantalRF’s lineup of Wi-Fi front-end ICs and antennas will encompass all relevant frequency bands and modulation schemes required for Wi-Fi 7 and future advancements of the standard. Evaluation boards and samples are now available to select partners and customers.

For more information on our transformative RF technology please visit www.quantalrf.com

About QuantalRF AG

QuantalRF™ is transforming the RF signal chain for wireless communications to deliver an unmatched user experience. Its ultra-compact, highly configurable front-end ICs and extremely efficient antennas substantially improve area, cost, power, and overall performance. Headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland, with R&D centers in the USA and Sweden, QuantalRF has an extensive portfolio of over 200 patents.

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