EchoNous Announces Revolutionary AI Enhancements in Upcoming Kosmos Release for Apple iOS

REDMOND, Wash., April 05, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EchoNous, a leading innovator in ultrasound technology, is thrilled to announce the upcoming Kosmos 2.2 release on Apple iOS, a monumental update enriched with powerful new automated enhancements and significant workflow improvements, setting a new standard in point-of-care (POCUS) imaging.

With the introduction of Kosmos 2.2, scheduled for release in the coming weeks, EchoNous is proud to debut two pioneering AI-driven features designed to continue making POCUS imaging more efficient and easier to learn:

Auto Doppler for PW and TDI: A first-of-its-kind feature, Auto Doppler harnesses Kosmos-embedded AI technology to automatically position the Doppler sample gate at the optimal location based on the valve the user wants to interrogate. This innovative feature is designed to make valve interrogation more efficient—reducing user interactions with the system—and to minimize gate placement variability so clinicians can worry less about adjusting the system and focus more on getting the answers they are looking for.

Auto Preset for Torso One Transducer: Auto Preset is an intelligent feature that seamlessly adjusts the exam preset in real time as the user scans different anatomies. Whether transitioning from scanning the abdomen to scanning the lungs or heart, the system intuitively switches to the appropriate preset, ensuring optimal imaging without manual intervention. This feature is especially beneficial for new users, ensuring that they operate under the preset that will give them optimal image clarity.

These AI-driven features exemplify EchoNous’ commitment to enhancing user control while streamlining procedures, allowing for uninterrupted scanning and optimal imaging results.

Highlighting the value of Auto Doppler, Dr. Mark Favot, a board-certified emergency physician and a testamur of the National Board of Echocardiography, said, “With Auto Doppler, getting a measurement like cardiac output is much more efficient. You can combine as many as four or five steps compared to other POCUS machines, saving several minutes. In the point-of-care environment, that’s huge.”

EchoNous CEO, Graham Cox, expressed his enthusiasm: “We are immensely proud to launch iOS 2.2, which represents a significant leap forward in ultrasound imaging. These advancements not only underscore our commitment to innovation but also our dedication to empowering healthcare professionals to provide the best possible care to their patients.”

In addition to these innovations, the EchoNous team has optimized the workflow for the Auto EF feature and introduced an improved, more sensitive Auto VTI trace capability for increased accuracy. These advancements underscore EchoNous's dedication to making POCUS more efficient for expert users and helping newer users achieve proficiency more quickly.

EchoNous is excited to showcase these groundbreaking features at ACC and forthcoming shows such as AIUM, ACP, SHM, and ASE in the weeks ahead. Our revolutionary ultrasound platform combined with a continuing commitment to industry leading technological innovations have fueled record breaking revenue growth with comparable year-over-year growth of 31% for 2023 and 32% for Q1 2024.

About EchoNous EchoNous is a leader in high-performance ultrasound solutions, driven by a mission to deliver innovative, intelligent technologies that enhance diagnostic accuracy and patient care. The company remains steadfast in its mission to deliver cutting-edge solutions that advance the field of ultrasound imaging and improve patient outcomes. For more information about EchoNous and to be the first to know when the new iOS 2.2 update is launched, visit

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