Ten Cheap Glasses for 2024 Glasses Trends

Chicago, April 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- When searching for eyeglasses online, you will most likely encounter thousands of eyewear stores listing their products and offers. These include cheap glasses. However, before you purchase one, it pays to know why these frames are so cheap and what materials they're made from. This will ensure that you get your money's worth. Now, Lensmart has a flash sale campaign with lots of affordable glasses available. 

Lensmart flash sale campaign

It's been a few days since Easter, but Lensmart is treating everyone to a limited Easter sale of its trendy glasses. In fact, the price ranges from $.01 to $3.95. You'll save about $20 for each pair you buy during the sale period. Remember, though, that the flash sale happens within a specific time frame, so the sooner you visit, the more chances you will secure your favorite Lensmart eyeglasses frames.

Ten cheap glasses for 2024 glasses trends

If you find it challenging to choose among the many frames on sale at Lensmart, we will give you a list of the cheap glasses you must not miss buying.


These round, oversized frames are pretty and chic. They're ideal for women who wish to wear colorful and playful eyeglasses. You can customize the lenses based on your eye prescription, and there are over five color options.


The double border on the upper rim is a distinct detail that sets Poppy glasses apart from other frames. They have a touch of a simple yet chic vibe, which minimalists will also love. Each pair comes in one color, which you can customize—from silver, black, to gold.


Cat eye glasses frames are relatively oversized, but these Vaeda glasses aren't. Regardless, they exude elegance, which makes you look stylish while wearing them. The collection also comes with interesting color options like the combinations of tortoiseshell and brown, pink, gray, tawny, and green. Remember that you can also use them as prescription glasses.


The thin rim borders of each Nelly frame are its charm. Minimalists will surely love the clean look of each pair. Some color options have been sold out, so be sure to secure one before everything in the collection disappears. The glasses are ideal for school, work, or even special gatherings.


A burst of colors on the upper rim gives these Lyla frames a colorful touch to your prescription glasses. These square glasses are suitable for people with oval and round faces. The Lyla collection also has the black variant if you're not into vibrant frames.


Get these sleek eyeglasses, which come in different colors, including pink, black, wine, champagne, and transparent. The rim size is slightly oversized, ensuring complete protection from debris and UV rays. They are stylish and functional, perfect for everyday use.


Geometrical frames are suitable for round and oval faces as they provide angles to balance the softer facial features. This unique Elier frame doesn't just balance one's face but offers a unique touch to eyeglasses. It has a solid rim border to firmly hold the lenses and ensure they're safe from falling, especially during physical activities.


You can definitely flex these cat-eye frames to anyone. They're made of durable materials, and each piece looks stylish regardless of color. Besides tortoiseshells, there are black, red, and brown options. Most importantly, the rim borders are solid, while the adjustable nose pads ensure the best snug fit.


Secure a pair of these round frames, especially if you have a square, rectangular, or geometrical face shape. These eyeglasses have bolder rim borders, so they can firmly hold thicker lenses. You can choose the clear tortoiseshell variant to get that half-rimmed glasses detail.


This is one of Lensmart's best-selling eyeglasses. Its fierce yet cute cat-eye style sets it apart from other designs. If you wish to have brighter frames, you can also choose from other color options, such as blue and pink.

Why are Lensmart glasses so cheap?

Lensmart does not source its eyeglasses from other manufacturers. It has its own production facility, which cuts significant production and outsourcing costs. As a result, the company can provide cheap glasses made with high-quality and durable materials. Lensmart's stable supply chain also ensures the production of eyeglasses continues even in volatile conditions.


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