SMX Announces Partnership with Torchlight AI

HERNDON, Va., April 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- SMX® is proud to announce its partnership with Torchlight AI®. Through this partnership, the SMX Elevate ISR platform adds powerful behavioral analytics, anomaly detection, and pattern recognition to its global, commercial ISR capabilities. 

Elevate ISR℠ is an operational, service-based, commercial platform that integrates traditional and non-traditional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance (ISR) tradecraft and data. The Elevate ISR platform positions data as the “universal” sensor deriving insights from multi-domain sources to augment and more effectively leverage traditional intelligence information and exploitation methodologies.

This is a commercial offering that operates at the speed of need, with the ability to flex, respond, and adapt to new questions and requirements. The Elevate ISR platform delivers products and alerts in response to your mission information gaps.

The partnership of Torchlight AI® with Elevate ISR delivers entirely new capabilities to mission partners. Torchlight AI's platform parses massive, curated commercial data sets to identify behaviors of operational significance for customers in the form of Behavior Based Intelligence™. Combining Torchlight AI’s Behavior Based Intelligence with SMX Elevate ISR’s non-traditional ISR tradecraft allows SMX to deliver faster analytics, relevant operational insights and contextualized indicators and warnings to identify emerging threats.

"We are excited to formalize our ongoing successful relationship with Torchlight AI. Through this partnership, Elevate ISR is now able to leverage Torchlight’s innovative AI-driven analytics, allowing for deeper insights into our products while achieving accelerated mission impacts and outcomes for our clients,” said Dana Dewey, SMX Mission Solutions Group President.

SMX’s partnership with Torchlight AI allows for the ability to leverage the power of the Torchlight AI solution in conjunction with the SMX Elevate ISR offering, in direct support of our clients.

“We are beyond excited to partner with SMX and deliver this game-changing capability to our mission partners. This is a great example of how commercial companies can join together in delivering relevant operational value at scale and speed for our critical customers in the Defense and Federal space,” said Hector Cuevas, Torchlight AI, Chief Growth Officer.

About SMX
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About Torchlight AI
​​Torchlight AI is a Behavior Based Intelligence (BBI) platform designed to predict emerging risk. Torchlight AI's platform leverages a behavioral library of more than 17,000 distinct behaviors to automatically flag anomalous or operationally significant behavior for customers. Torchlight AI provides government & enterprise customers with unprecedented, data-driven solutions to reduce risk, lower costs, and limit liabilities. Torchlight's insights are commercial data that are eminently releasable, making foreign disclosure with mission partners simple and fast.

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