Announcing Specialty Program Group as the First EcoClaim Certified MGA in North America

VANCOUVER, British Columbia, April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- EcoClaim is proud to welcome Specialty Program Group as the first North American EcoClaim certified MGA.

Specialty Program Group Canada (SPGC) known best under operating brands Cansure, Beacon, and i3 Underwriting, is taking decisive steps toward achieving its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) goals. An important priority is advancing our climate performance and greenhouse gas (GhG) reporting in alignment with our ESG goals. As part of our strategic plan, we’ve identified three key initiatives to assist in achieving Net Zero by 2030, including committing to decarbonizing our supply chain.

The first key initiative began with baseline assessment of SPGC’s carbon footprint. With growing expectations for companies to take responsibility for reducing and avoiding GhG emissions beyond immediate operations, SPGC will expand annual GhG inventories to include Scope 3 supply chain emissions.

SPGC’s second key initiative is becoming the first MGA in the Canadian insurance industry to achieve EcoClaim certification. Partnership with EcoClaim enables greater climate action, driving GhG reductions associated with SPGC’S Scope 3 supply chain emissions. This initiative leverages EcoClaim’s training and tracking tools.

Jodi Scarlett, EcoClaim’s CEO says, “SPGC is taking bold steps as climate leaders in the insurance industry. As the first EcoClaim Certified MGA, SPGC is driving broader climate action among their suppliers and community. We are delighted to see an immediate impact on reduced construction waste to landfill as part of our partnership.”

SPGC’s third initiative is another partnership. SPGC is proud to be the first MGA partners of The Nature Force, an action-oriented climate resilience initiative, funded by P&C insurance companies and agencies in collaboration with Ducks Unlimited Canada. Our collective goal is to reduce impacts of climate by increasing the resilience of ecosystems near major Canadian communities.

Partnerships are at the core of SPGC’s climate leadership. According to Cameron Copeland President and CEO of SPGC, “partnering with organizations such as EcoClaim, and The Nature Force, are easy strategies for industry participants of any size to support. I welcome an opportunity to share insights into our efforts with anyone in the industry looking to strengthen their ESG performance.”

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SPGC Contact: Denise Yeng, 1.236.808.3542,
EcoClaim Contact: Meaghan Ralston, 1.403.926.8112,

Trevor Burns, Jodi Scarlett,Tony Scott, Jamie Madill, Denise Yeng, Brent Lexier