Climate First Bank Secures Dismissal with Prejudice in Lawsuit for Age Discrimination

ORLANDO, Fla., April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Climate First Bank, a leading advocate for sustainability in the financial sector, secured a dismissal with prejudice in a lawsuit concerning age discrimination. The lawsuit, filed by James Hennessey, alleged discriminatory practices within Climate First Bank's hiring and promotion processes. The dismissal marks a pivotal moment not only for Climate First Bank but also for the broader fight against discrimination in the workplace.

"We were caught completely off-guard by this lawsuit as it was frivolous and entirely without merit. We are pleased with the dismissal, which reaffirms our steadfast commitment to upholding principles of fairness, equality, and inclusivity," said Climate First Bank CEO and Founder, Ken LaRoe. "At Climate First Bank, we firmly believe that diversity is our strength, and we remain dedicated to fostering an environment where individuals of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences can thrive." 

The dismissal underscores the bank’s unwavering dedication to ethical business practices and its staunch opposition to discrimination of any kind. The bank's leadership views this outcome as an affirmation of its values and a testament to the effectiveness of its policies aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion within the organization. 

"We recognize that the journey toward true equality is ongoing, and we remain committed to ensuring that all individuals are treated with dignity and respect," added LaRoe. 

As Climate First Bank continues to lead the charge in sustainable finance and corporate responsibility, it remains steadfast in its mission to serve as a beacon of progress and integrity in the financial industry. 

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Climate First Bank is a Certified B Corp, values-based, nationwide bank offering a complete, full-service portfolio of simple and easy-to-use traditional business and personal banking products. These products are powered by technology to meet the expectations of today’s consumers. In addition to offering standard banking services, the company places a emphasis on non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and businesses committed to sustainability. Eco-conscious customers will find dedicated loan options for solar photovoltaic (PV), energy retrofits and infrastructure to help combat the climate crisis. The bank reports annually on its impact in line with corporate social responsibility goals; read the most recent Impact Report here. Member FDIC. 

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