Knotch Unveils Knotch One, First All-in-One Digital Optimization Platform for Content-Centric Web Experiences

Marketers Can Measure Content Effectiveness, Use Gen-AI Powered by Insights to Make High-Performing Content Instantly, Build Brand Awareness and Shorten Conversion Cycles

NEW YORK, April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- While on-stage at the Content Connect 2024 conference, Knotch today unveiled Knotch One, the first all-in-one digital optimization platform purpose-built to support today’s content-centric web experiences. Knotch One seamlessly combines website analytics, customer journey tracking, and audience feedback with AI so that marketers can easily measure, report and take actions to create high-performing content that improves the full customer journey from increasing brand awareness to shortening conversion time.

Content-centric web experiences are driving growth for B2B and B2C companies, alike. In today’s increasingly competitive market, content is now at the center of every marketing strategy and key to connecting with prospects and customers. Content is no longer just a blog in a corner of a website but instead is the crux of every web page experience creating a destination that brings the reader value and ultimately creates a loyal audience. With this new content-centric focus, marketers and data leaders need to understand not only how much content to create but more importantly, how each piece of content is performing in support of their business goals. Nielsen, Square, Zillow and many other Fortune 1000 brands rely on Knotch.

“Today’s prospects and consumers demand content-centric website experiences, where every touch point throughout the customer journey is a value exchange,” said Knotch CEO Anda Gansca. “That’s why we built Knotch One from the ground up to be the digital optimization platform that every marketing team needs to power its content engine. Knotch One eliminates the guesswork as it measures how all content is performing, and provides improvement actions for poor performing content so brands can instantly alter content and boost performance to achieve immediate business results. Knotch One makes all content high performing.”

“Zillow is transforming the way people buy, sell, rent and finance homes. From searching to connecting with top-rated agents to securing a mortgage, Zillow's tools and services guide customers through the entire process,” said Ravi Kandikonda, SVP of marketing at Zillow. “We focus on creating engaging content using the Knotch One platform to ensure that we deliver high-performing content tailored to young home shoppers, enhancing their experience and driving better business outcomes.”

“As a second time Knotch customer, I've always been impressed with their forward thinking approach to addressing marketer's needs as well as their pace of innovation,” said Alison Gensheimer, Head of Nielsen Marketing. “I am excited for Knotch One. Using AI, the team has integrated content auditing, auto-tagging, measurement and optimization making it easier to identify and implement changes that can have a positive impact on business outcomes.”

Knotch One is built on the foundation of measuring performance by collecting data across the entire audience journey. The platform captures content attributes across a web page such as engagement metrics including traffic, time spent and scroll depth, and layers in multi-session customer journey tracking and sentiment analysis. With content ingested and reviewed, Knotch One evaluates against specific business goals whether upper funnel brand building, SEO, website optimization, demand generation, or everything in between. Then Knotch One provides insights into what actions can be taken to improve performance and uses AI to assist in optimizing existing content, generating versions of content, and creating new content – all with performance at its core.

Knotch One key features:

  • Ingests, categorizes and intelligently tags content across the entire web site with its attributes such as structure, tone, and CTA’s;
  • Evaluates content against specific business goals — whether upper funnel brand building, driving conversion or anything in between;
  • Provides a robust measurement framework that enables content marketers to make data-driven decisions that are tied directly to business objectives;
  • Identifies top performing content and diagnoses poor performing content;
  • Gives specific recommendations on how to improve content whether altering tone, length, CTA or more;
  • Uses AI to instantly optimize existing content, create versions of content or generate new content.

Knotch One features the only gen-AI model trained on content attributes and proprietary performance benchmarks. Learn more at

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