EveLab Insight Furthers Its Reach into the European Market at Cosmoprof Bologna

EveLab Insight Booth at Cosmoprof Bologna

SINGAPORE, April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Hundreds of visitors personally experienced the future of skincare analysis at the EveLab Insight booth at Cosmoprof Bologna. This showcase of technology and innovation marked the launch of an accelerated growth strategy into Europe's fast-growing boutique skincare segment.

EveLab Insight's flagship platform, Eve V, was on display for visitors to analyze over 40 dimensions of their facial skin in less than thirty seconds. Skincare experts and beauty aficionados were eager to interact with the science-backed platform and understand how the analysis results can connect to personalized product recommendations, custom skincare routines, or even R&D processes.

"At EveLab Insight, we're committed to revolutionizing skincare through science and personalization," emphasized Michel Lin, Senior Business Development Manager of Europe. "Our mission is to empower consumers with accurate skin insights and personalized recommendations."

Drawing upon years of dedicated research in deep learning, artificial intelligence, and skin-related technology, EveLab Insight has developed a suite of innovative skin analysis tools that offer unparalleled accuracy and precision. From handheld analyzers to AI-driven platforms, the company's comprehensive range of offerings caters to the diverse needs of consumers and brands alike.

"Our technology, backed by a robust database of over ten million labeled images, allows us to provide invaluable insights and solutions for both consumers and brands," explained Michel.

With Cosmoprof Bologna serving as a pivotal platform for EveLab Insight's expansion into the European market, the company is poised to continue its journey of innovation and impact on a global scale. As the beauty industry embraces science, transparency, and individualization, EveLab Insight remains at the forefront, leading the charge towards healthier, more radiant skin for all.

To learn more about EveLab Insight and its pioneering skin analysis technology, visit www.evelabinsight.com and join the movement towards personalized skincare excellence.

About EveLab Insight

EveLab Insight is unveiling the ground truth behind great skin. Our advanced skin analysis platform is capable of measuring up to 40 dimensions of facial skin and brings unprecedented precision and personalization to skincare. We empower consumers to monitor their skin health while aiding leading beauty brands in creating bespoke skincare regimens and monitoring product efficacy.

EveLab Insight fuses AI and evidence-based analytics to fuel the progress of skincare science. We partner with globally recognized skincare brands to enrich their R&D processes and enhance their product recommendation systems. By making complex skin science understandable and relatable to consumers, we foster stronger brand loyalty. Our innovative approach amplifies the uniqueness of each brand, offering specialized skin dimensions and analysis techniques that highlight their specialties. At EveLab Insight, we're more than a technology company; we're a driving force for a new era in skincare - one that seamlessly blends science, beauty, and consumer empowerment.


Daisy Zhang

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