Just Released: Mojix Platform Updates Include New Traceability Features that Support Global Digital Product Passport Initiatives

Platform and application updates bring improved performance, enhanced functionality, and greater security to real-time Item-level visibility (RTILV) users in food and retail operations

BOCA RATON, Fla., April 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mojix, a global leader in real-time item-level visibility technology, is pleased to introduce the latest updates to the highly successful Mojix public multi-tenant SaaS platform including new features that enable digital product passport execution.

“In addition to increased security and an enhanced user experience, the updates introduce data hub integration capabilities, and advanced inventory enhancements for store and restaurant operations,” said Chris Cassidy, CEO of Mojix. “Across applications, users will experience a refreshed portal look and feel for improved navigation and usability as well as a modernized mobile app experience for improved efficiency and smoother interactions.”

Available immediately, updates are included in the ytem™ for Food, ytem™ for Retail, and Source™ applications.

Enhancement Highlights Include:

  • Source - Digital Product Passport Functionality
    • Configurable Product Category Attributes - Key Data Elements (KDE) are fully configurable to identify essential pieces of specific information required to track and trace the path and history of a product throughout its supply chain. KDE are designed to enhance the tracking of Critical Tracking Events (CTE) throughout the supply chain by being highly customizable to pinpoint vital information necessary for tracing a product's journey and history. This will support raw material manufacturing procurement and manufacturing events, food traceability and recall events, and product genealogy repair and rework events. This enhances operational efficiency, improves product safety and compliance, strengthens supply chain transparency and improves customer trust.
  • ytem - Food Operations
    • Inventory Reconciliation On the Go - Users can now trigger real-time inventory updates directly from our mobile app with external inventory systems, streamlining workflows by eliminating the need for back office desktop access. This feature enhances operational efficiency by enabling immediate inventory adjustments, reducing labor downtime, and ultimately improving inventory accuracy and employee productivity by allowing updates from anywhere without the need for traditional desktop-based management.
    • Enhanced Receive Filtering for Not In-Scope & Unknown Products - Restaurants often have items that either fall outside the predefined criteria for inventory acceptance or are not recognized by their inventory management systems. This feature optimizes the inventory receiving processes by filtering out these products without compromising exception-based product tracking. This feature streamlines the efficiency of inventory management by minimizing the handling of irrelevant items and focusing resources on relevant stock, thereby reducing errors and processing times.
    • Critical Product Items Inventory Counting - Individual locations can now prioritize high-value or high-demand products when counting inventory. This feature allows businesses to optimize inventory accuracy and management for high-value or high-demand products, leading to improved stock availability, reduced losses, and enhanced customer satisfaction by ensuring the availability of critical items.
  • ytem - Retail Supply Chain Operations
    • Instant Order Status Notifications to ERP and WMS Systems - Fully configurable real-time order status updates to ERP and WMS systems enables automated order processing workflows and associated efficiency increases. This significantly reduces processing times and manual errors, leading to faster fulfillment and increased customer satisfaction.

“I'm excited to unveil our most recent platform enhancements, which reflect our commitment to rapid, continuous product delivery—bringing immediate value to our clients,” said Gustavo Rivera, Chief Technology Officer at Mojix. “These advancements highlight our dedication to offering unparalleled traceability and visibility across supply chain and retail operations, reinforcing our position as leaders in the retail and food sectors.”

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