Ex-Tory Minister ‘disgusted’ at Conservative Party for ‘blatantly going against’ the UN on climate commitments, as he declares support for Labour policy in interview with CEO Chris Caldwell of United Renewables

Former Minister Chris Skidmore OBE

Former Minister Chris Skidmore OBE

DOUGLAS, Isle of Man, April 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Conservative party is ‘playing at culture wars,’ on climate whilst rolling back critical policy commitments which he himself signed into law, former Minister Chris Skidmore declared today.

‘If you look at the decision on the row back on net zero, that's incredibly short-term thinking,’ Skidmore declared, when asked about Rishi Sunak’s ‘knee-jerk’ approach to green issues in an episode of the leading sustainability podcast Conversations on Climate released today. ‘It’s just bad economics…and blatantly going against the policies that are needed and have been set out by the UN, the Paris Agreement, and the IEA.’ 

Not my party any more

In a remarkably frank and wide-ranging interview, the former Conversative MP for Kingswood and Minister of State for Energy and Clean Growth spoke at length about his disillusionment with a government in which he held a number of top positions.

‘The current iteration of the Conservative Party is not the Conservative Party I became a Member of Parliament with,’ he told host Chris Caldwell, CEO of clean energy firm United Renewables. ‘You can see a number of the difficulties it is facing because some of the MPs I simply wouldn’t recognise, back in 2010, as being Conservatives. They would have been in UKIP.’ 

Resignation clears the way to back Labour on climate policy

When asked about his resignation in January, Skidmore insisted that ‘there had been a number of signals where I voiced my disgust at the rollback on our climate commitments,’ prior to the Offshore Petroleum Licensing Bill. ‘I said this was going to be the biggest mistake of Rishi Sunak's premiership.’

Skidmore – who has quit politics for a Professorship at the University of Bath – was then asked by Caldwell about Labor’s future green election pledges, including the U-turn on £28 billion in clean investment spending. 

Whilst he suggested Starmer should ‘never have set out a figure,’ the former Conservative announced that ‘I still think the Labor position of having a mission-based approach to the green transformation is the right one... if we could come back to having that moratorium on new oil and gas licenses it would be really important for the future, and that's why I support the Labour position on this.’

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