Power to the Palate: Capitol 9 THC Seltzers Mix Weed & Political Wit for Buzzy Summer Sipping

For Americans who enjoy cannabis and roll their eyes at U.S. politics, Capitol 9 proudly presents politically themed THC seltzers to poke fun at presidential “can”-didates

WASHINGTON, April 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Capitol 9 is elated to unveil a limited-edition series of hemp-derived delta-9-THC seltzers infused with a delightful political twist, just in time for summer. With 5 mg of THC per can and a crowd-pleasing lemon-lime flavor, these hemp-derived beverages will bring y’all unadulterated joy, unlike the antics of this year’s presidential candidates.

Each can of Capitol 9’s refreshing seltzer showcases one of two collectible designs, portraying either Trump or Biden. It’s a playful nod to the presidents who have mastered the art of “the promise without progress” in the realm of cannabis reform.

Crafted with hemp-derived Delta-9- THC, Capitol 9 seltzers are available to purchase and enjoy in all 50 states, courtesy of the 2018 Farm Bill, which ensures our cans of political mischief are perfectly legal for adult consumers, who can stay buzzed through Election Day! While Capitol 9 holds out hope for a future president to deliver federal cannabis legalization, they remain steadfast in their commitment to providing top-tier THC beverages that offer a comparable buzz to bud without the fear of prosecution.

“We’re excited to introduce this unique seltzer to distributors nationwide and see which presidential ‘can’-didate wins our completely serious ‘Vote or Die’ poll,” said Capitol 9 CEO Alex Fotta. “Our drinks complement any occasion — rowdy summer parties, lazy beach days, tailgates, fall carnivals, barbecues, and, of course, presidential debate watch parties and Election Day coverage. Plus, they’re a great way to troll your friends and family — not that anyone will actually be bummed about receiving a great-tasting THC seltzer.”

But hold onto your hemp hats! These THC beverages offer more than great taste and ironically iconic packaging. By snagging a can — or hell, buying a mountain of pallets — of Capitol 9 seltzer, you’re not simply indulging in a buzz; you’re fueling the engine of cannabis progress. Capitol 9 will donate one percent (1%) of sales proceeds per can to powerhouse organizations like the Last Prisoner Project that are dedicated to blazing the trail toward cannabis legalization and ending the war on drugs. With each refreshing swig of Capitol 9 seltzer, you’re lending a hand to those impacted by unfair and outdated cannabis laws, which means you’ll do more for cannabis reform than Biden or Trump ever have. Congratulations! You’re basically an advocate now.

Regardless of your political affiliation, you can count on two things this Election Year: (1) disappointment from presidential candidates, and (2) satisfaction from Capitol 9’s “can”-didates. Preorders are now open! These sought-after beverages are expected to fly off the shelves upon release. Distributors, don’t miss the chance to offer the next viral THC sensation before your competitors. Place your order today.

To pre-order 2024’s buzziest drink and track our “completely serious Vote or Die” poll results, visit Capitol 9 online. If scroll is life, follow Capitol 9 on Instagram @Capitol9seltzer.

Two cans of Capitol 9 THC Seltzers on the lawn of the White House. One can has the image of Joe Biden, the other has an image of Donald Trump.

About Capitol 9:
At Capitol 9, we're not just mixing seltzers; we're brewing up an experience that blends two quintessentially American passions: cannabis and political satire. With the debut of our limited-edition series of politically-themed seltzers, we're stirring up the beverage scene with a refreshing THC twist.

Our seltzers, infused with hemp-derived Delta-9 THC, offer a legal (thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill) and delightful way to unwind in all 50 states. But hey, legality is just the start of the fun! Each can boasts a collectible design of Trump or Biden, giving a cheeky salute to two presidents who’ve talked big but delivered small in the cannabis reform arena.

Yet, we're not just about laughs; we're about action too. For every sip of Capitol 9 seltzer, 1% of sales proceeds fuels the fire for change, supporting organizations that are committed to achieving federal cannabis legalization. Now that's what we call mixing business with pleasure!

So, let's raise a can to a future where cannabis reform isn't just a pipe dream but a bona fide reality. With Capitol 9, elevate your unwind and toast to progress. Power to the Palate!

Gina Bowersox
NisonCo Marketing

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