T2M Global Introduces Revolutionary Plastic Heat Exchanger (P-HEX) Technology to Combat Wasted Heat and Drive Economic Growth

LOS ANGELES, April 16, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- T2M Global, LLC, proudly announces the successful demonstration of its groundbreaking Plastic Heat Exchanger (P-HEX) technology to create value from currently wasted low-level heat in diverse markets including buildings, manufacturing, transportation, and power sectors. With an eye on the monumental $200 billion annual loss due to ineffective heat recovery, P-HEX offers more than just a solution; it's a gateway to a dynamic $50 billion market opportunity for U.S. industries. By enhancing our nation's competitive edge on the global platform, T2M Global invites investors to seize this pivotal moment in shaping the future of energy efficiency and economic growth.

Traditional metallic heat exchangers have proven costly for recovering low-level heat, leading to the squandering of approximately 25 quads of energy annually in the United States alone. This inefficiency undermines U.S. manufacturing competitiveness. It also contributes to greenhouse gas emissions responsible for climate change and environmental degradation, and in poorly ventilated buildings leads to sick building syndrome and pathogen spread, such as Covid-19.

“We are pleased with the excellent heat recovery demonstrated by lower cost P-HEX at two different demonstration sites,” said Pinakin Patel, President of T2M Global. “This major milestone validates its superior performance in a real environment. It also reduces the risk for further scaleup and investment in manufacturing. For investors, this is a low hanging fruit for ESG compliance - Environmental, Social, and Governance.”

"The P HEX can reduce much needed hydrogen production cost," said Dr Ludwig Lipp, VP and cofounder of T2M Global. "It can upgrade stranded waste heat streams in hydrogen production plants to higher value steam for reuse, reducing fuel use by as much as 20%!”

P-HEX offers a cost competitive solution for low-level waste heat recovery due to the lower cost materials, high speed manufacturing processes, and its modular design for easier installation and capacity addition as required. Its lightweight and compact footprint make it highly suitable for retrofit applications in constrained spaces.

For further information on investment opportunities with T2M Global, please visit our website or contact our team at the address below. Join T2M Global in shaping the future of energy efficiency and sustainability through Waste-to-Value (WTV) technologies.

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Bindiya Patel Blandford
Communications Manager, T2M Global