LOOT8™ Founder Educates Federal Workforce on Critical Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity

The US Department of Health and Human Services Holds a Training Series Headlined by LOOT8™ on AI and Cybersecurity

WASHINGTON, April 18, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Marcus Daley, founder of LOOT8, Inc. ("LOOT8™") ("Company"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gold Rock Holdings Inc. (OTC: GRHI) ($GRHI), was the keynote speaker on April 17, 2024, at the US Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) monthly cybersecurity series - "Healthy Technology," focusing on AI and the potential dangers of its use in government agencies and the day-to-day life government employees.

"We were thrilled to have the opportunity to shed light on the intricate world of social engineering through AI use and its rapid proliferation," said Marcus Daley, Founder of LOOT8™. "The HHS workforce in attendance had a wide range of questions, exploring topics such as the deceptive tactics of phishing, ransomware, telework best practices, and the use of AI in government work, to name a few." Daley continued, "By leveraging our knowledge of the federal workspace, we were able to address government initiatives like OMB Memo 24-10 and why addressing the requirements in the White House memo are both difficult and needed. The presentation bridged the gap between government and commercial use of AI and introduced our new AI initiative, the 'K Project,' to a demographic that may not have normally been exposed to our technology."

The HHS Cybersecurity - Awareness and Training Team noted that over 1,200 workforce members and decision makers attended this session. It was a unique opportunity to create interest in LOOT8™ and specifically the Company’s "K Project," that has the potential to bring subject matter expertise around how to implement AI within HHS and broader government agencies. As a result, HHS is considering having Marcus back for another session, furthering the AI technology discussions, particularly the "K Project."

About LOOT8, Inc. ("LOOT8™"):

LOOT8, Inc. ("LOOT8™"), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRHI), is an innovative enterprise-level content management platform. LOOT8™ is redefining digital collectibles and fan experiences in the Web3 era, integrating a suite of advanced tools; the platform offers unique benefits like product drops, venue interactions, and sustained fan engagement, a community of "SuperFans." Available in the App Store, Google Play Store, and in the browser, LOOT8™ seamlessly bridges Web2 and Web3, providing a secure SaaS-like transition into the future of digital content. With its ability to merge digital collectibles with real-world experiences, it's adaptable across events like concerts, conferences, and sports. The platform's recent collaboration with Unsigned Prospects is designed to provide collegiate athletes with unparalleled content autonomy, amplifying their current visibility and fostering sustained fan relationships. It is also built to support their future endeavors. LOOT8™ also serves the underserved and embodies the essence of the decentralized crypto revolution by creating opportunities that would not have otherwise existed. Under the stewardship of a seasoned executive team, LOOT8™ is strategically poised to capitalize on its multifaceted applications and influential partnerships - http://www.loot8.io/.

About Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRHI) ($GRHI):

Gold Rock Holdings, Inc. (OTC: GRHI) ($GRHI), through its wholly-owned subsidiary LOOT8, Inc. ("LOOT8™"), is focused on innovation in the rapidly evolving world of AI, digital assets, and blockchain technology. LOOT8™ is dedicated to harnessing the transformative power of these frontier technologies to move forward critical sectors, including blockchain security, property, and content management. Utilizing technologies such as AI, streaming, geofencing, and QR codes, LOOT8™ connects physical objects with their digital counterparts, unlocking new possibilities in the digital asset market. Driven by integrity and transparency, GRHI, powered by LOOT8™, is a leader in the blockchain industry - https://www.goldrockholdings.com/.

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