Lean Solutions Group Invests in Technology for 2024 with Launch of Studio Q Platform

-- Lean Solutions Group implements AI platform to increase efficiency across all internal divisions and empower customer experience--

CORAL SPRINGS, Fla., April 23, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Lean Solutions Group, a nearshore and offshore services provider, today announced its continued investment in technology through the new internal platform Studio Q. A multi-functional platform, Studio Q was created to help provide transparency and deeper insight into Lean Solutions' overall service functions as the company provides multiple growth solutions for businesses throughout its suite of operations, tech, sales, marketing, and business process outsourcing (BPO).

The Studio Q platform is a comprehensive solution comprising five distinct systems: Sales Q, Power Q, Talent Q, Mood Q, and Process Q. Each system is designed to address specific core competencies, such as sales, data management, talent retention, acquisition, and internal procedures. The implementation of this AI tool is set to revolutionize Lean Solutions operations, empower teams, streamline sales, foster transparency, and facilitate talent discovery. This transformative experience is poised to enhance productivity and efficiency, leading to a seamless transformation of operations.

Studio Q is a strategic tech investment that harnesses the power of AI-based tools and services,” said Alfonso Quijano, Chief Technology Officer at Lean Solutions Group. “It aims to enhance our overall output, minimize waste in our database, and support our long-term growth as a company. We recognize that when used strategically, AI can streamline operational tasks, deliver cost-effective methods, and amplify our expertise. This responsible use of technology is key to our success.”

As the AI industry continues to advance at a rapid pace, Lean Solutions is at the forefront of this technological revolution. In line with the industry trend, 70% of executives expect to increase AI resources in 2024. This shift underscores the importance of self-regulation. Furthermore, the benefits of AI are driving the creation of new tech-related roles to monitor legal, ethics, policy, and a variety of other internal and external priorities.

“Overall, this platform is the key to closing more deals, securing efficient customer service through real-time data analytics technology, sourcing qualified talent, increasing engagement across our teams, and transforming the workplace in 2024 and beyond,” continued Quijano. “Lean Solutions is dedicated to making the day-to-day of our client’s roles easier and empowering our highly qualified team with the tools and resources to do so.”

This latest technological investment by Lean Solutions is also set to incorporate Isometric Technologies (ISO) Transportation Performance Intelligence data. Further leveraging the recent partnership with ISO, Lean Solutions is strategically positioning itself as a performance enhancement solution within the industry, creating opportunities for various new technology offerings.

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Lean Solutions Group, established in 2012 and based in Coral Springs, Florida, is a nearshore and offshore services provider with a highly scalable and flexible workforce of approximately 9,000 employees with operations at seven satellite offices in Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, and the Philippines. Partnering with more than 500 U.S.-based companies, Lean Solutions Group's expanded service offerings include staffing, technology, marketing, sales, and business process outsourcing services, all in one place. By leveraging the best talent, culture, and price that Lean Solutions provide, businesses can lower operational costs and drive business growth. For more information, visit https://www.leangroup.com/.

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