Glimpact Launches First Digital Platform for American Companies to Evaluate Overall Environmental Footprint, Measuring 16 Categories of Impact of Human Activity

Companies can now measure their contribution according to the 9 planetary boundaries with Glimpact's technology, the first modeled on the new scientific framework adopted by the EU in the form of a digital SaaS platform — accessible to all industries and now deployable on a large scale worldwide

NEW YORK, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Glimpact, the trusted sustainability partner for global brands and the leading platform for analyzing the overall systemic environmental impact of products and organizations, today announces its expansion to the United States. As the first company to provide access to the European Union's Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology through its disruptive technology, Glimpact provides businesses with the tools needed to see and measure their true environmental footprint according to scope 1, 2, and 3.

Based on the new scientific doctrine of the EU, Glimpact gives American companies complete 360° visibility on their real environmental footprint beyond carbon emissions and global warming. Glimpact integrates all the components of the ecological crisis, in particular the 9 planetary boundaries, and allows users to anticipate the new regulatory requirements imposed by the EU as part of the European Green Deal, in terms of CSR reporting, environmental labeling, and eco-design.

Glimpact is a recognized start-up in Europe with years of experience working with leading European companies — including Lacoste, Decathlon, Mars, Gant, Zalando, Carrefour, Puratos, Manutan, Spadel, Adeo, Pimkie, Chantelle, Celio, Aigle and the Heineken company — in various sectors — including textiles, food processing, food production, energy, and home furnishings. Recognizing that North America lacks comprehensive tools to measure environmental impact beyond carbon emissions, Glimpact intends to bring its pioneering and disruptive approach to environmental footprint analysis to the United States.

Glimpact’s technology measures environmental impact using the PEF/OEF (Product Environmental Footprint/Organization Environmental Footprint) method that considers 16 impact categories and nine planetary boundaries. The PEF/OEF method measures factors such as greenhouse gas emissions, water resource usage, land usage, fine particle emissions, and biodiversity concerns, among others. Additionally, Glimpact makes it possible to identify the right strategic and operational levers for its reduction at the right level of granularity, in particular to understand in detail the challenges of scope 3.

“The environmental crisis is not just climatic, it is fundamentally systemic”, says Christophe Girardier, CEO of Glimpact North América. “If American companies want to continue to be global trading partners, they must change their perspective on the global climate crisis and demonstrate that they are committed to reducing their environmental footprint at the global level, not just at the level of carbon emissions and greenhouse gas. Glimpact can help American companies implement ecodesign strategies to meet new requirements and place themselves in a strong position for years to come.”

The European Union has recognized the PEF/OEF method as the basis for new regulations under the Green Deal. The PEF/OEF model is also the basis for the EU’s CSRD (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive) for non-financial reporting and the ESPR (Ecodesign for Sustainable Product Regulation). Expansion to the U.S. gives Glimpact an opportunity to become a key player in American industry and advocate for European environmental regulations in the U.S.

Glimpact is already working with the French Ministry of Ecological Transition and has been chosen by the European Commission to help implement legislation for battery and solar panel manufacturers. Glimpact is also assisting with the ecological transition of production systems for several global brands, including Lacoste, Décathlon, Carrefour, Chantelle, Manutan, Mars, and Puratos. 

Glimpact’s comprehensive platform provides in-depth information about the environmental impact of business practices, including the ability to perform “what if” macro simulations that assess the effect of changes in production, such as changing the sourcing of cotton or integrating renewable energy into the manufacturing process.

In addition to the launch of Glimpact North America, the company plans to introduce two new mobile apps. GlimpactScan and MyGlimpact, to promote ecological awareness and share Glimpact’s vision of environmental sustainability with U.S. corporations and consumers.

About Glimpact

Glimpact, a sustainability startup with operations in New York, France and Belgium, is the first digital platform enabling the assessment of the overall environmental impact of products and organizations based on the new scientific doctrine of the EU. It provides access to the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF) methodology, developed by the European scientific community and adopted by the EU in 2021. Glimpact allows all stakeholders to not only measure the environmental footprint of their products or organizations but more importantly, to identify effective actions to reduce it. 

The French government has selected Glimpact as the coordinator for one of the methods considered in the government experiment on environmental labeling of food and textile products. The company is a member of the technical committee assisting the Ministry of Ecological Transition in defining the modalities of environmental labeling mandated by the Climate and Resilience Law. Furthermore, Glimpact has been chosen by the European Commission, following a global tender, to implement legislation for the battery and photovoltaic solar panel sectors. This legislation will require these actors to display the environmental footprint of their products measured using the PEF methodology. 

Glimpact already boasts solid expertise and experience with major players in the industry and distribution, including Lacoste, Decathlon, Mars, Gant, Carrefour, Puratos, Manutan, Spadel, Adeo, Lyreco, Pimkie, Chantelle, Celio, Aigle, Galler, and Bewital. 

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