NOVA ROOFTEK Celebrates 7 Years of Superior Roofing in Alexandria,VA with Complimentary Gutters on New Roof Replacements

NOVA ROOFTEK is celebrating its 7th year in business this May, a huge milestone, especially in an industry where many contractors do not make it past their fifth year.

Alexandria, Virginia, April 24, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- NOVA ROOFTEK, a premier roofing contractor in Alexandria, is celebrating seven years in business. Thanks to the company’s dedication to professionalism, transparency, and non-aggressive salesmanship when dealing with clients, they are going strong in an industry where many contractors do not make it past their fifth year. In addition, the Alexandria VA roofing team has set new standards in the industry with their dedication to honesty and building strong relationships with homeowners.

When appearing on the Galen Hair podcast, Thomas Valera, the owner of NOVA ROOFTEK, attributed the company’s success to its unique strategies when dealing with difficult insurance companies. Besides embracing technology and using modern techniques in roofing services, the founder emphasized the importance of expertise in insurance dealings. Velera also offered practical advice to listeners, such as how to select roofing contractors and verify their certifications.

NOVA ROOFTEK has also been able to stay in the industry longer thanks to its diverse offerings, including repairs. Whether homeowners are struggling with leaky roofs or damaged shingles, the company has a highly qualified team of professionals who can restore the roof to its new-like condition. Besides restoring the home’s integrity through repairs, the company adheres to local building codes and regulations.

Moreover, the team is committed to tailoring its approach to each case. For example, repairing a roof damaged by mildew, moss, and mold may require a slightly different strategy from one with missing shingles due to high winds or damage from hail and extreme heat. However, irrespective of the approach employed, the ultimate goal remains the same: to deliver the highest-quality service to clients and mitigate the risk of long-term damage.

Professional roof inspection is another service NOVA ROOFTEK offers. The team acknowledges and sympathizes with the stress of contemplating roof repairs. Their inspections are accompanied by honest advice based on the roof condition to ensure decisions made afterward are best for the homeowner. While the inspection can be done after a disaster strikes, the company encourages homeowners to do inspections annually. Through this, they can prevent costly repairs or surprises.

NOVA ROOFTEK also offers roof replacements. In addition to the team’s thorough knowledge of building codes and commitment to maintaining neighborhood aesthetics, the company specializes in installing replacements designed to endure over time, backed by solid warranties. The team also helps clients in other processes, such as obtaining permits, advising on available financing options, and final inspections after replacements.

To celebrate their 7th anniversary, NOVA ROOFTEK will be offering complimentary new gutters with every purchase of a new roof throughout the entire month of May.


NOVA ROOFTEK is an Alexandria-based roofing contractor with seven years of experience. The company offers various services, including roof replacements, inspections, and repairs. Besides craftsmanship and adhering to local building codes and regulations, the company helps clients in other processes, such as with insurance companies and advising clients on the best roofing solutions. If the roofing project requires obtaining local permits, the contractor helps clients to ensure the process is smooth.

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