Lensmart's Points Mall: Make More Discounts Happen

CHICAGO, April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Being at Lensmart is not just about choosing and buying your favorite eyeglasses. Registered customers can take advantage of exclusive offers and promos on the site. With this, you will have more chances to secure various eyewear and other accessories.

Lensmart's Points Mall
The Points Mall program at Lensmart was launched on April 8th to bring more discounts to customers. Essentially, you can collect coupons to buy eyeglasses frames from the Lensmart collection. The higher your points, the more discounts you can use.

Lensmart wants its customers to enjoy the newly released styles and trendy designs from its eyewear collection. With this Points Mall campaign, you can surely get the best deals, including reducing the amount of money you’ll pay for the products.

How Does Points Mall Work
As much as you’re excited to redeem your points through the program, it also pays to familiarize yourself with how this promotion works. Here are some guidelines you must consider.

Secure your points

  • Ensure to register an account with Lensmart to start. After registration, you’ll quickly receive four points, which you can use to get discounts.
  • In addition to shopping, you can earn points by logging into your account daily, reviewing products, inviting friends to purchase, or sharing the Lensmart website.

Redeem specials

  • Coupons are available for all registered consumers. These coupons provide discounts when you buy eyeglasses from Lensmart. The discount amounts range from $3 to $40 now.
  • The Free Shipping coupon is also available for everyone to enjoy. Of course, each coupon requires a specific number of points.
  • You can also spend your points on eyeglasses frames or accessories. For as low as one point, Lensmart lets you buy its featured glasses frames at a lower cost.

Remember that you cannot cancel the redemption order once you submit them. All points are valid for at least one year.

Why Choose Lensmart
One distinct feature of Lensmart is the personalization it offers to every consumer. Besides the color and design customization, you can change the type of lens you need based on your eye prescription. This allows you to get the glasses meant for you.
Each pair of glasses is strategically crafted to provide the best style and functionality. Most importantly, Lensmart ensures that what you see online is the same color and style you’ll receive.


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