American Oncology Cares Foundation Expands Non-Medical Financial Support to Local Cancer Patients in Indiana and Nevada

The Foundation, a non-profit of the American Oncology Network, provides grants for essential non-medical expenses to cancer patients in need.

FORT MYERS, Fla., April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- American Oncology Network (AON) (Nasdaq: AONC), one of the nation’s fastest-growing community oncology networks, today launched its American Oncology Cares Foundation through its partner practices Hematology Oncology of Indiana in Indianapolis and Hope Cancer Care of Nevada in Las Vegas. 

Non-medical expenses such as rent or mortgage, utilities, transportation costs and food qualify under the Foundation’s essential living expenses requirement. Grant recipients are eligible to receive up to $750 per calendar year.

Fifty-one percent of cancer patients have reported going into medical debt because of care and treatment costs and more than 70% responded that they are worried about affording their care, according to a survey by the American Cancer Society.

“The costs of cancer care and associated treatments can be devastating,” said Shelly Glenn, AON’s chief growth and relationship officer. “The Foundation was created to provide financial support for essential non-medical expenses to give peace of mind to adult cancer patients and their families. Unfortunately, It can be a common occurrence for patients to delay critical therapies, go without electricity or water, have their car repossessed or be evicted from their home, for example, to afford their care, and this tradeoff between care and essential resources should never be made. We are honored to launch the Foundation through our partner practices Hematology Oncology of Indiana and Hope Cancer Care of Nevada.” 

Adult cancer patients currently undergoing treatment in Indiana and Nevada may now qualify for financial support through the Foundation. Other criteria for consideration include the following: 

  • Be 18 years or older.
  • Have a household income that is at or below 200% of the U.S. Poverty Guidelines.

“Cancer treatments can reach incredible costs, depending on the diagnosis and personalized therapy plans,” said Raja S. Mehdi, MD, Board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist at Hope Cancer Care of Nevada. “Those in healthcare witness firsthand the financial burden families experience during treatments. The opportunity to have the American Oncology Cares Foundation an option for patients in Nevada is a critical step in ensuring people can focus on their health and recovery and less on their everyday expenses.”

“Financial burdens of cancer treatments should never be a barrier to ensuring the quality of life and that the basic expenses associated with living are met,” said Brian P. Mulherin, MD, Board-certified medical oncologist and hematologist at Hematology Oncology of Indiana. “We are honored to have the Foundation partner with us in their nationwide mission to provide financial support to cancer patients in need in Indiana.”

“The Foundation fills a crucial gap in the healthcare system,” said Todd Schonherz, AON’s chief executive officer. “Alleviating financial stress allows patients to focus their energy on recovery and empowers them to prioritize their health without the added stress of financial burdens. I am grateful we can bring the Foundation and its grants to Indiana and Nevada because we believe that financial well-being is just as important as physical well-being.”

The Foundation officially launched in October 2023 and leverages the non-profit America’s Charities to administer and manage the fund, review patient applications and distribute patient grants. While the fund currently operates solely in Arizona, Indiana, Nevada and Ohio, the intent is to expand the initiative with the hope that patients in all states in which AON operates will one day be able to benefit from the fund.

Patients who are interested in applying for a grant can complete the online application at Donations may also be made to the Foundation to support local cancer patients in need; to donate, visit

For more information about AON, visit For more information about the American Oncology Cares Foundation, visit


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American Oncology Cares Foundation Expands Non-Medical Financial Support to Local Cancer Patients in Indiana and Nevada

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