Coveo Joins the MACH Alliance, Enabling More Businesses to Leverage Best-in-Breed Composable AI Technology to Meet Customers' Evolving Expectations and Drive Business Value

MONTREAL and LONDON and SAN FRANCISCO, April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Coveo (TSX:CVO), the leading provider of AI platforms that brings AI Search and GenAI to every point-of-experience across the enterprise, enabling remarkable personalized digital experiences that drive business outcomes, today announced that it has joined the MACH Alliance, the group of independent tech companies dedicated to advocating for open, best-of-breed technology ecosystems. Its inclusion in the MACH Alliance recognizes Coveo’s strength in composable AI technology, meeting the MACH standard of modern technology: microservices based, API-first, cloud-native SaaS, and headless.

Today, people expect a digital journey that is tailored specifically to their individual needs and seamless across multiple channels and touchpoints. A MACH strategy enables businesses to deliver on those expectations by embracing a modern, cloud-based composable architecture and a best-of-breed technology ecosystem, providing the agility digital leaders need to remain relevant as customer needs change. Instead of using one-size-fits-all technology, MACH architecture gives businesses the freedom to choose from the best tools on the market today and provide a structure that makes it easy to add, replace, or remove technologies in the future. This provides businesses with the ability to improve through agile development to support growth, competitiveness and meet evolving business needs. This also allows companies to leverage modern technologies across the board, assembling the perfect combination of solutions to adapt to today’s marketplace.

“It’s a natural step for us to join the MACH Alliance, as we support their mission to drive remarkable digital experiences through open and connected enterprise technology,” said Lisa Grayston, General Manager of Commerce at Coveo. “We’ve been working with large global enterprises to enable them to leverage our best-in-breed technology for AI hybrid search, AI recommendations, and now generative answering to deliver the experiences people expect at every point in their digital journey and we’re seeing significant results. Joining the MACH Alliance acknowledges that the Coveo PlatformTM, with its out-of-the-box integrations and support for open MACH architecture, can be adopted with confidence to meet evolving customer expectations — and deliver business value.”

As a MACH certified company, businesses can trust that Coveo will deliver on the MACH Alliance principles across commerce, service, workplace, and website use cases, enabling businesses to modernize their tech stack as their technology needs evolve. These architectural and development principles allow Coveo to deliver individualized, trusted, and connected experiences in every interaction across multiple channels, ultimately improving both customer and employee experiences and positively impacting business results.

“Coveo's inclusion in the MACH Alliance is a great addition to our alliance,” said Casper Rasmussen, President of MACH Alliance. “The power of their platform, evident through their best-of-breed approach, aligns well with our values. Their inclusion reflects the increasing significance of MACH technologies. We welcome Coveo aboard.”

Learn more about the MACH certification standards here.

About Coveo

We strongly believe that the future is business-to-person. That experiences are today’s competitive front line, a make or break for every business. We also believe that remarkable experiences not only enhance user satisfaction but also yield significant gains for enterprises. That is what we call the AI-experience advantage – the degree to which the content, products, recommendations, and advice presented to a person online aligns easily with their needs, intent, preferences, context, and behavior, resulting in superior business outcomes.

To realize this AI-experience advantage at scale, enterprises require a robust, spinal and composable infrastructure capable of unifying content securely and delivering AI search, AI recommendations, true personalization, and a trusted generative experience at every touchpoint with each individual customer, partner and employee.

Coveo is dedicated to bringing this advantage to every point-of-experience, using powerful data and AI models to transform the enterprise in commerce, customer service, website and workplace.

The Coveo platform is certified ISO 27001, HIPAA compliant, SOC2 compliant, and 99.999% SLA resilient. We are a Salesforce Summit ISV Partner, an SAP® Endorsed App, and an Adobe Gold Partner.

Coveo is a trademark of Coveo Solutions Inc.

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