DIZPOT Announces Strategic Expansion into Emerging Minnesota Cannabis Market

Founding Member of Minnesota Marijuana Association Grows Regional MN Market Via Compliant Packaging and Logistics Solutions

MINNEAPOLIS, April 25, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DIZPOT (“DIZPOT'' or “the Company”), a company with in-depth experience in the legal cannabis industry, is announcing that the Company is more than an ancillary provider. Renowned for its success in packaging, branding, and logistic services, DIZPOT positions itself as a champion for the success of the cannabis market and a proponent of regulatory clarity. As industry veterans, they have consistently demonstrated a commitment to supporting market growth through thoughtful advocacy and transparency.

The announcement comes when Minnesota's market eagerly awaits licensing, currently "pre-approved" — licenses have been issued for businesses to get a head start, as mentioned in this CBS article. DIZPOT’s policy perspective allows them to navigate the challenges of emerging cannabis markets. Partnering with a company like DIZPOT provides speed to market, compliant packaging, and risk reduction, as seen in Marijuana Times. The Company is ready to provide solutions while staying ahead of regulatory trends, which will be invaluable to future Minnesota licensees.

"We've seen firsthand the challenges new licensees face in the cannabis industry, especially when navigating complex regulations,” said DIZPOT Co-founder John Hartsell. "DIZPOT is committed to filling that void in Minnesota. We are not just offering custom packaging solutions; we're offering policy perspective and experience.”

From the groundbreaking legislation of Prop 207 in Arizona to the passing of Amendment 3 in Missouri, the Company staff have positioned themselves as advocates, thought leaders and cannabis industry experts. DIZPOT has built a reputation for working with state officials, associations, and licensees to create conversation and shape a conducive regulatory environment, as seen on the MOCANN Trade website. These efforts highlight a commitment to community empowerment and regulatory reform. The Company is now channeling these efforts into Minnesota's emergent market.

“In Minnesota's emerging cannabis market, compliance and brand identity are two sides of the same coin," said DIZPOT Co-founder Jeff Scrabeck. "DIZPOT is here to make sure businesses successfully navigate both, ensuring they're not just legal, but leaving a lasting impression on customers. We’re committed to our partners’ success.”

DIZPOT's pledge to assist in propelling their partners to success finds another avenue as they make their presence felt at the Lucky Leaf Expo in Minnesota. Not merely participants, Hartsell and Scrabeck engage as session moderators during a crash course on April 25 by contributing to discussions of other industry professionals, with Scrabeck additionally presenting how to accelerate ROI with a strategic packaging plan on April 26 at 12:20 pm. To further explore DIZPOT's innovative solutions and their role in shaping Minnesota's cannabis industry, visit www.dizpot.com

Founded by John Hartsell and Jeff Scrabeck in 2017, DIZPOT is a global cannabis packaging, branding, and logistics company. Headquartered in Phoenix, Ariz., DIZPOT produces millions of packages monthly, providing its customers with solutions to bring products compliantly and competitively to market. Leveraging its extensive international logistics network, the Company works with thousands of cannabis brands, servicing both small businesses and multi-state operators. Renowned for its Old School Service approach, DIZPOT puts its customers first, providing a one hundred percent guarantee on the quality of its finished goods.

DIZPOT services include compliance-driven branding and logo design, cannabis and hemp-specific packaging, logistics, industry-targeted technologies, and in-house patented cartridge hardware. DIZPOT is located at 2430 W. Mission Lane #6 in Phoenix, Arizona. For more information, visit DIZPOT online or connect via phone at (602) 795-4499.

Gina Bowersox
NisonCo Marketing