Capsa’s New NexPak Addresses Medication Administration Efficiencies In Correctional Care

COLUMBUS, Ohio, April 26, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Addressing the medication requirements of incarcerated individuals in U.S. correctional facilities has grown more challenging, particularly due to understaffing among nurses and a systemic delay in adopting technology to optimize medication administration. To mitigate these obstacles, correctional facilities are moving to innovative approaches such as Capsa Healthcare's NexPak, which streamlines medication management via advanced automation and revamped workflows.

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Capsa Healthcare, a leader in advanced healthcare workflow solutions, has developed NexPak for on-demand packaging and dispensing of medications directly in the facility in convenient, safe, and efficient multi-dose packaging. By employing in-facility packaging, medications are sorted into labeled individual packets tailored to each patient's location anywhere in the facility. NexPak significantly reduces the burden on correctional nursing staff to prepare hundreds to thousands of doses daily; processes that can currently take several hours are cut down to less than an hour. By eliminating laborious medication preparation and administration procedures, NexPak empower staff to focus on more impactful responsibilities, fostering improved adherence to treatment regimens, and contributing to the overall wellness of the correctional facility’s patient population.

“The industry has long postponed modernization, but the strain on the system persists due to increasing patient complexities, mental health demands and an aging population. Now, more than ever, we must embrace technology in correctional care,” says Huan K. Nguyen, R.Ph. and Capsa Healthcare’s Vice President of Pharmacy Automation. “Consider the benefits of automated medication packaging. You can go right down the list to see what NexPak directly solves: nursing staffing challenges; financial impacts; quality of care gaps; risk to the facility. NexPak was designed as a scalable solution to improve efficiency and safety in the medication administration process.”

Capsa Healthcare will showcase NexPak at the Spring National Commission on Correctional Health Care Conference (NCCHC) in St. Louis, MO on April 27-30.

About Capsa Healthcare: 
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