Creates the first fully integrated global elite law firm with unparalleled geographic reach and global scale, with depth and quality of experience everywhere. Nearly 4,000 lawyers, including ~800 partners, working across 47 offices with combined revenues of approximately $3.5 billion.

London and New York, May 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A&O Shearman is pleased to announce the successful completion of the merger of Allen & Overy and Shearman & Sterling.

The first fully integrated global elite firm, it has ~7,000 people, and nearly 4,000 lawyers, including ~800 partners, working across 47 offices in 29 countries. A&O Shearman has the depth of experience and diversity of talent to operate at the forefront of business across every industry sector, market, and geography. It is the only firm equally fluent in U.S. law, English law, and the laws of the world’s most dynamic markets. The firm’s strength comes from its global capabilities and unyielding standard of excellence, supported by deep local roots, relationships, experience, and knowledge.

A&O Shearman already advises more than a third of New York Stock Exchange-listed businesses and a fifth of the NASDAQ, as well as many more of the world’s leading organizations listed on the LSE, Euronext, Euronext Paris, Frankfurt Stock Exchange, Abu Dhabi Securities Exchange, Dubai Financial Market and the Tokyo and Hong Kong Stock Exchanges.

Khalid Garousha, senior partner at A&O Shearman, said: “Today we begin an exciting journey as a new firm - a firm that has an unrivalled global platform to offer our clients. A platform like no other. A&O Shearman is a new industry leader with unmatched experience, a unique culture and truly global capabilities. I look forward to working alongside my colleagues to unlock the potential of our new firm. We will provide clients with the world-class integrated solutions and unparalleled regional experience and knowledge that they are looking for in today’s increasingly complex commercial and regulatory environment.”

Adam Hakki, co-chair of the global A&O Shearman Board and Executive Committee and chair of the firm’s U.S. business, commented: “The combination of two of the world’s most prestigious law firms, with complementary strengths and shared values, has been carefully designed to deliver – at the highest level – what the firms’ respective clients and colleagues have told us they are seeking and will find nowhere else. The feedback we have received to date, externally and internally, has been exceedingly positive, and our clients are eager to unleash the combined power of the new firm. A&O Shearman was built to achieve exceptional outcomes for clients, and we now look forward to demonstrating that worldwide.”

Hervé Ekué, managing partner at A&O Shearman, said: “What both firms had in common, and what A&O Shearman will continue to provide, is a deep commitment to excellence, collaboration, and innovation. I know of no other firm in the world that can combine our market coverage, depth of experience, and innovative approach. Our ability to bring diverse perspectives, backgrounds, and skills to clients, puts A&O Shearman in a class of its own, and we will continue to prioritize and encourage these collaborative ways of working in the future.”

Global practice design

A&O Shearman will be structured to address the needs of clients now and in the future while further enhancing collaboration internally. It will go-to-market, and develop and manage talent, through a matrix of global practice groups and industry sectors worldwide. 

  • Global practice groups, including areas such as Mergers & Acquisitions, Litigation & Investigations, Debt Finance and many others, will serve clients on global matters and will ensure collaboration around the world and a consistent offering across regions.
  • To deepen relationships with organizations worldwide, six key industry sectors will operate across practices, products and geographies. These are Energy & Infrastructure, Established Industries, Financial Institutions, Life Sciences, Private Capital/Private Equity, and Technology. The firm’s experienced lawyers around the world will also support sub-sectors and additional specific industries.
  • Regional offices will focus on local go-to-market strategies and collaboration; local market reputation-building; talent attraction and development; and local operations.


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