ESP Logistics Technology has acquired Container 42 from the Port of Rotterdam 

LOS ANGELES, May 01, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- ESP Logistics Technology (“ESP”), a company dedicated to solving global supply chain problems by using analytics to detect, analyze, and suggest actions to resolve issues in real-time announced that it has acquired Container 42 (“C42”) from the Port of Rotterdam Authority (“PoR”) extending its industry-leading technology platform into the smart container world.

The Port of Rotterdam Authority created C42 with a consortium of industry-leading technology and supply chain companies, including Cisco, Esri, Intel, IBM, and Axians, to revolutionize the smart container industry by including real-time sensed data on container movement, temperature, and other metrics to increase safety, sustainability, and efficiency in shipping and ports.

The combination of ESP and the Container 42 program brings together the power of smart container technology with ESP’s geospatial analytics platform capabilities that include visualization and powerful AI and machine learning capabilities, enabling solutions and actions that solve supply chain issues. “Our goal is to focus on the commercialization of smart container technology across the approximately 65 million shipping containers worldwide,” said Dan Pimentel, President of ESP.

Erwin Rademaker, Program Manager of PoR said, “We are happy to hand over the reins to ESP because we believe their platform really complements and enhances our original mission for a smoother supply chain.” 

Over the last few months ESP has extended membership in Container 42 to RSAE and Rebirth Analytics and is open to new members. 

If you would like to join ESP’s consortium in solving the world’s most complex supply chain problems through technology, please reach out to the media contact below.

About ESP Logistics Technology 
ESP’s mission is to connect the global supply chain through its cloud-based geospatial platform, exponentially increasing productivity via real-time location intelligence and end-to-end visibility while reducing the environmental impact of the movement. ESP was formed through a partnership with Esri and Gannett Fleming. More information about ESP can be found at

About Port of Rotterdam 
The Port of Rotterdam Authority’s core tasks are the sustainable development, management and operation of the port and maintaining the smooth and safe handling of shipping. The aim of the Port of Rotterdam Authority is to strengthen the port’s position as a logistics hub and future-proof industrial complex. In doing so, it’s not size, but rather quality that takes precedence. The Port of Rotterdam Authority takes responsibility for the impact of the activities in the port on the climate and immediate surroundings. The health and safety of current and future generations are an integral consideration in our decision-making, including in our cooperations with businesses. 

About RSAE Labs Inc. 
RSAE Labs combines and has deployed the most advanced technologies in power efficient sensors, cyber-secure IOT protocol, ubiquitous global communications, and scalable data distribution. As the solution of choice for the US DoD, North American rail industry and others, RSAE services provide reliable, low-latency, actionable data for proactive management of supply chains and mobile assets. 

About Rebirth Analytics 
One of the oldest, most insoluble problems affecting the global supply chain is the inability to predict and react effectively to risk. Rebirth Analytics has the answer. Rebirth Analytics is transforming resilience in the supply chain by enabling buyers and suppliers to understand the comprehensive range of risks affecting operations, trading relationships, business health, and corporate reputation. Rebirth Analytics analyze a massive volume of real-time data from every party in the supply chain across a range of risk factors: from suppliers’ financial health and geolocation to ESG and slavery, to fraud, sanctions, and money-laundering. 

Media Contact:
Sochenda Sopann