24/2024・Trifork Group AG – Share-based Incentive Program 2024

Company announcement no. 24 / 2024

Schindellegi, Switzerland - 2 May 2024

Share-based Incentive Program 2024

Trifork Group AG (“Trifork”) has granted restricted share units (“RSUs”) under the existing employee long-term share-based incentive program (“ELTIP”) approved by the Board of Directors in 2021.
The third ELTIP 2024 (“ELTIP 2024c”) is covering the grant in April 2024 to certain employees of the Trifork Group.

The ELTIP 2024c is based on RSUs and employees participating in the ELTIP 2024c will, subject to certain terms and conditions, receive allocated RSUs by converting bonuses. RSUs granted will be subject to graded vesting over a three-year period.

Further details about the ELTIP 2024c are stated below:

ParticipantsCertain employees of the Trifork Group in selected jurisdictions. Total 44 employees.
Number of RSUsBased on the number of employees participating in the ELTIP 2024c, a total of 18,160 RSUs are allocated under the ELTIP 2024c. The number of RSUs is calculated by taking the bonus amount converted and applying the weighted average share price for Trifork's shares of the last three trading days of 2023.
GrantingRSUs comprised by the ELTIP 2024c are granted in April 2024.
VestingRSUs will vest over a three-year period with 1/3 of the RSUs vesting each year. Vesting is not conditional upon the achievement of any financial or non-financial targets but is conditional upon the participating employee remaining employed with the Trifork Group throughout the vesting period or becoming a good leaver during the vesting period as well as the participating employee having complied in all respects with the terms and conditions of the ELTIP 2024c.
ObjectiveAttraction and retention of employees in selected jurisdictions.
ConversionOnce vested and not lapsed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the ELTIP 2024c, each RSU will entitle the holder to receive one Trifork share.
ConditionsRSUs are granted based on the conversion of individual bonus amounts for each participating employee.

The ELTIP 2024c is subject to customary conditions.
Allocation & theoretical valueThe allocation is based on the weighted average share price of the last 3 trading days of 2023 (DKK 104.87). Dividing the converting salary by this amount results in the number of RSUs to be granted. The converting total amounts to DKK 1,904,439 (EUR 255,348) and 18,160 RSUs.
 The theoretical value for the RSUs is the market price of the Trifork share at grant date minus the expected dividends for the portions vesting after one, two and three years.


For further information, please contact:
Frederik Svanholm, Group Investment Director & Head of IR
+41 79 357 7317

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