PriceSpider Partners with It’sRapid to Make it Easier for Ecommerce Brands to Generate Images, Videos and Product Descriptions at Scale

New channel partnership helps brands easily integrate with an industry leader to tap into best-in-class offerings and tools for holistic campaign management

IRVINE, Calif., May 02, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PriceSpider, the market leader in brand commerce solutions, managing more retailer relationships in more countries than anyone else, today announced a new partnership with It’sRapid, a pioneer in AI-driven creative automation for ecommerce content and retail media, for seamless and rapid content creation for shoppable campaigns. The integration allows brands to generate customer-facing copy and assets for social media, landing and product detail pages and more, up to 80% faster than category rivals.

The typical creative process can take weeks to months from content ideation and development to approval. Taking full advantage of this new PriceSpider-It'sRapid partnership, brands can create banners, images and shoppable videos in minutes for retail media, plus product detail pages and email campaigns. By unlocking new capabilities with industry-leading partners, brands can build and deploy consistent, vibrant shopping experiences with PriceSpider that align with brand themes. Additionally, brands can quickly update content to take advantage of micro-seasons while maintaining consistency across brand assets.

“Consistency and the ability to operate with agility are the cornerstones of brand success in today’s digital landscape. On an endless digital shelf, it’s more important than ever for brands to deliver uniformity in messaging and imagery across platforms,“ said Anthony Ferry, CEO of PriceSpider. “We’re delighted to partner with It’sRapid to help brands seamlessly generate content and stay ahead in today’s AI-driven landscape.”

When combined with PriceSpider’s “all-seeing” digital shelf analytics and shoppable campaign technologies, the channel partnership empowers brands to better monitor activity on the digital shelf, while easily generating compelling, uniform content across every channel.

PriceSpider allows brands to conduct A/B testing at scale for creative and assets generated through It’sRapid to measure effectiveness and adjust as needed. Brands can also evaluate creative in real-time against PriceSpider’s campaign performance data across purchase intent, conversion, sales and more.

“PriceSpider has advanced the industry with its shoppable solutions that enable brands to quickly build and launch fully customized and shoppable campaigns, so it felt like a natural fit to integrate our solutions to expedite creative content development,” said David Feinleib, Founder and CEO of It’sRapid. “The integration helps brands build cohesive campaigns and maintain a strong online presence while keeping costs down during a time where every minute and dollar counts.”

As part of the launch, new customers can take advantage of a special offer to get their first asset free by contacting their PriceSpider representative or visiting 

This news builds on PriceSpider’s brand platform innovations announced in March to help brands convert shoppers, which includes automatic product listing updates, a refreshed data-sharing platform and a ‘Click to Retailer’ feature.

PriceSpider continues to expand its network of channel partnerships. For more information about PriceSpider, please visit

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