Camfil USA Launches Exclusive HVAC Masterclass with Industry Expert Joe Randolph

Camfil USA's new series with expert Joe Randolph explores air filtration and HVAC solutions for facility managers. Watch on YouTube.

Riverdale, May 06, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Camfil USA, a leader in air filtration and HVAC solutions, is excited to announce a new educational initiative aimed at facility managers and building maintenance professionals. Joe Randolph, a renowned expert in HVAC equipment and filters, will lead an enlightening video masterclass series, now available on YouTube and the Camfil blog.

A Deep Dive into HVAC Maintenance and Efficiency

Joe Randolph brings his extensive expertise to this masterclass, specifically designed for Directors of Maintenance, Maintenance Managers, Complex Engineers, Facility Engineers, Maintenance Supervisors, Maintenance Technicians, Operations Managers, Maintenance Planners, and Maintenance Superintendents. This series is a must-watch for professionals looking to enhance their skills and knowledge in HVAC system maintenance and air quality improvement.

Addressing the Core Challenges

Maintaining optimal functionality in facility systems is an ongoing challenge that requires a broad understanding of various technical aspects, especially HVAC systems. Joe Randolph's masterclass provides practical insights into managing and enhancing these systems, focusing on maximizing efficiency and indoor air quality through better air filter selection to optimize HVAC equipment performance.

Series Highlights

The masterclass covers a range of topics that are critical for every facility manager and maintenance professional:

Playlist covers: Joe Randolph HVAC Equipment & Filter Video Series

  • What An HVAC System Is Hiding from You.
  • When to Audit Your System.
  • How Outside Air Ruins Indoor Comfort!
  • Are Your Air Filters At Risk?
  • Boost Your HVAC Efficiency: The Secret Power of Filter Choice
  • Not All Filters Are Created Equal!
  • Transform Your HVAC with True MERV 13 Power!
  • Why MERV 13? Why Not Higher?

Access and Availability

The full masterclass series is now accessible through the Camfil USA YouTube channel and company blog. Follow the playlist for a comprehensive guide to mastering HVAC systems while enhancing indoor air quality and comfort.

For more information, visit Camfil USA.

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Camfil USA Launches Exclusive HVAC Masterclass with Industry Expert Joe Randolph