Cloudbench and Arhasi have announced a mutual investment in each other, deepening their AI partnership

Tampa, FL, May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Cloudbench and Arhasi today announced a mutual investment in each other which will enable the pair to build and deploy new artificial intelligence (AI) applications across their operations faster, more effectively, and at scale.

This collaboration leverages the combined expertise of Cloudbench and Arhasi in AI, machine learning, data services, cloud engineering, application development, and Web3, offering customers comprehensive solutions to accelerate the adoption of AI services and decentralized technologies.

The decision to strengthen the partnership underscores the joint commitment to provide enhanced services to clients implementing AI initiatives, coinciding with a surge in demand for AI services. This spike in client interest follows the launch of a joint go-to-market strategy targeting the mid-market segment.

"It's been an extraordinary beginning to the year for Cloudbench, marked by launching ourselves as a top AI and Web3-focused Google partner and establishing a deeper strategic partnership with Arhasi through our mutual investment”, said Tom Richer, Founder of Cloudbench.  "Since its launch, Cloudbench has focused on emerging technology, assisting startups and midmarket clients across diverse sectors in unlocking the full potential of AI. With our partners Google and Arhasi, we're poised to assist startups and midmarket enterprises in navigating the intricate landscapes of technology and data, thereby enabling them to innovate more effectively. We are fully committed to supporting AI and Web3 engineering, product development, and AI-driven digital transformation initiatives."

As a result of the strategic partnership, Cloudbench’s startup and mid-market clients will now leverage Arhasi’s R.A.P.I.D. industry leading AI platform and tooling that delivers AI integrity assurance, security controls and model performance metrics.

"Feeling absolutely thrilled about the skyrocketing demand for cutting-edge AI solutions in the business arena, I'm excited to announce the fortification of our strategic alliance between Arhasi and Cloudbench," exclaimed Chiru Bhavansikar, Chief AI Officer at Arhasi. "With Arhasi's groundbreaking R.A.P.I.D. platform and tools, coupled with our collaborative AI & Data Innovation Foundry, we're poised to revolutionize the landscape for startups and midmarket enterprises, empowering them with expedited, value-driven AI solutions. Our arsenal of AI playbooks, compliance compendiums, and deep industry-specific data insights positions us as the go-to choice for a comprehensive AI ecosystem tailored to meet every business need. We're truly embracing the ethos of an AI-first company."

The pair have also recently received private equity backing from Alpha Transform Holdings (“ATH”) which has greatly accelerated their joint growth plans.

“It's exciting to witness the enhanced collaboration between two companies within the ATH portfolio. Their mutual investment in each other promises increased efficiencies and amplified outcomes,” added Enzo Villani, CEO of Alpha Transform Holdings.  “The evolving landscape of technology has brought forth a transformative convergence between AI and Web3, ushering in a decentralized future. The intersection of AI and Web3 presents a dynamic landscape filled with opportunities and challenges. Looking ahead, the future holds the promise of AI-driven Web3 realities. Innovations in decentralized data marketplaces, AI-enhanced smart contracts, and ethical AI practices will shape a digital ecosystem that prioritizes efficiency, transparency, and responsible development.  Cloudbench and Arhasi are well poised to spearhead this future, actively shaping and enabling its evolution.”

About Cloudbench
Cloudbench is at the forefront of value-driven emerging technology consulting, with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, empowering businesses to harness the limitless potential of AI and Data. Our mission is to rapidly help small and medium clients enable, embrace, and manage AI and Data to unlock innovation and drive growth.  Cloudbench is an official Google Cloud partner, a member of the Google Cloud for Startups program and a portfolio company of Alpha Transform Holdings.  Learn more at

About Arhasi
Arhasi is a boutique AI solution engineering company that is focused on rapid enablement of secure, governed and compliant AI solutions. Our curated platform expedites use case activation, risk management and operational readiness of AI Agents. Our mission is to bring integrity to AI solutions to address the needs of enterprises.  Arhasi is a portfolio company of Alpha Transform Holdings.  Discover more at

About Alpha Transform Holdings
Alpha Transform Holdings (ATH) is a digital asset organization dedicated to ushering in the future of blockchain-powered Web3. With our deep knowledge and expertise, we invest in and advise innovative companies and decentralized projects that leverage blockchain technology to revolutionize traditional industries such as financial services, healthcare, media & entertainment, and more. We work closely with portfolio companies to drive value while creating outsized returns and are renowned for our detailed research on growing blockchain initiatives. Our mission is simple: to accelerate the mass adoption of distributed ledger technology through investments that provide impactful solutions with long-term sustainability. Our vision is an open, connected world powered by secure decentralized systems so that everyone can benefit from the new tech economy.


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