Mezmo Adds Industry-First Stateful Processing in Telemetry Pipelines

New in-stream alert capabilities help companies take swift action to remediate issues and prevent costly overages

SAN FRANCISCO, May 07, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Mezmo, the leading observability data platform, today announced new capabilities that help companies understand, optimize, and respond more quickly to their telemetry data. Mezmo’s Telemetry Pipeline can now trigger stateful alerts in stream. It detects data variations and compares data in motion to metrics thresholds to send alerts based on predefined parameters so users can take swift action to remediate issues and prevent costly overages.

Traditionally, enterprises wait for data to reach observability, SIEM, and analytics platforms to detect data aberrations. However, this model can impact the resolution times and cause teams to miss certain signals that are lost before reaching the observability platforms. Observability platforms generally receive only partial data sets, so shifting the logic into the telemetry pipelines helps companies harness timely insights from complete data sets. Now you can process terabytes — even petabytes — of data originating from multiple sources and address unexpected events or issues such as misconfigurations that can cause data spikes and excessive overages. Automated in-stream alerts (stateful) allow the data to be actionable and minimize the cost of indexing in expensive observability tools. This workflow provides cost-effective control of telemetry data while offering new and immediate business insights by moving data logic into the pipeline. With Mezmo Telemetry Pipeline, teams can now access various insights and alerts without completely depending on metrics inside observability platforms and act on data aberrations quickly.

“Mezmo delivers advanced capabilities that help SRE, ITOps, and security teams more effectively manage their data and more quickly discover when there is a problem so they can remediate it fast, without wasting time or money,” said Tucker Callaway, CEO, Mezmo. “While other telemetry pipelines focus on data movement and control, Mezmo takes a data engineering approach to make telemetry pipelines more intelligent. New alerting capabilities are another innovative step in shifting logic into the pipeline and making data more actionable.”

Here are some examples of in-stream alerts:

  • Threshold Alerts: Mezmo Telemetry Pipeline will analyze data and alert on any metric derived from unstructured logs or rollup of a metric based on user-defined thresholds. For example, Mezmo will alert when data volume reaches a specific threshold or when an application has exceeded a predefined number of errors.
  • Change Alerts: Mezmo Telemetry Pipeline will compare the absolute or relative percentage change in value between the current and prior intervals for a metric and alert when a metric change is above or below the user-defined threshold. This will help customers detect sudden surges in data volume and enable them to throttle the data from certain sources to automatically prevent overages.
  • Absence Alerts: Mezmo Telemetry Pipeline can also be configured to alert when something expected doesn’t happen, for instance, when an expected report is not created.

As part of the recent update, Mezmo now ingests data from more sources, making the platform a more comprehensive solution for telemetry data management. Newly added sources include HTTP endpoints, syslog endpoints, and full support of OpenTelemetry Protocol.

Learn more about these capabilities and meet the Mezmo team May 6-9 at RSA Booth #239, or schedule a demo.

About Mezmo
Mezmo helps organizations unlock the value of their telemetry data. Cloud native and built for enterprise scale, Mezmo’s platform makes it easier to control costs and take action. Mezmo fuels massive productivity gains for modern engineering teams at hyper-growth startups and Fortune 500 companies alike.

Mezmo is the sole logging provider for IBM Cloud, where they’ve partnered to drive innovation in observability at hyper scale since 2018. The company has been recognized as one of Forbes’ Cloud 100 Rising Stars, Gartner’s Top 25 Enterprise Software Startups to Watch, CRN’s 10 Hottest Cloud Startups, and Fortune’s Best Small and Medium Workplaces, and it received the IBM Cloud Embed Excellence Award.

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