PRIDE Industries Receives Human Rights Award from HP Inc.

Roseville, Calif., May 08, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- PRIDE Industries, the nation's leading employer of people with disabilities, has been honored with the Human Rights Award from HP Inc., “awarded for pioneering inclusivity in employment, empowering diverse communities to achieve independence and equality.”

The Supplier Sustainable Impact Award Ceremony, hosted virtually on April 25th, recognized suppliers that achieved outstanding results in four distinct categories: Sustainable Impact Global Leader Award, Climate Action Award, Human Rights Award, and Digital Equity Award.

“PRIDE Industries manages the supply chains of more than 35,000 printer parts,” noted Carlos Lahoz, who oversees Industrial Print Sustainability Strategy for HP Inc. “Remarkably, more than 40% of PRIDE Industries' workforce comprises individuals with disabilities, and companywide, over 60% belong to minority racial or ethnic groups,” Lahoz said. “Through personalized employment services, they empower individuals of all abilities to unlock their full potential. Their enduring impact on the lives of individuals facing barriers to employment makes them truly deserving of recognition and appreciation.”

“PRIDE Industries is honored to receive this acknowledgment and stand with HP as an example of the transformative power of inclusivity,” said Jeff Dern, President and CEO at PRIDE Industries. “As we accept this award, we hope more businesses join us on this journey to seize opportunities to include people with disabilities and others facing barriers to employment in the workforce.”

In addition to its groundbreaking work with individuals with disabilities, PRIDE Industries extends its support to military veterans, former foster youth, and trafficking survivors by providing essential career and support services. Their comprehensive approach to fostering economic independence and social inclusion exemplifies their dedication to creating a more equitable society.

About PRIDE Industries:

PRIDE Industries is a social enterprise that creates jobs for people with disabilities, veterans, former foster youth, and survivors of trafficking. With over 55 years of experience, PRIDE Industries has become a national leader in fostering inclusivity and empowerment. Through personalized employment services, PRIDE Industries helps individuals unlock their full potential and lead more independent lives. For more information, visit

About HP Inc.:

HP Inc. is a global technology company that provides innovative products, solutions, and services to individuals and businesses. With a strong commitment to sustainability and social impact, HP Inc. aims to create a better future for everyone through its technology and partnerships. For more information, visit



Pioneering Inclusivity in Employment

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