Highwire Launches Comprehensive Cybersecurity Crisis Communications Service

New Offering Combines Cybersecurity Expertise and Advanced Analytics to Ensure Reputation Resilience Amidst Rising Cyber Threats and Regulations

SAN FRANCISCO, May 09, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Highwire PR, a high-impact communications and marketing partner for global technology and healthcare companies, announced today a new service offering to help companies with cybersecurity issue communications. In order to prepare for, monitor, and manage any cybersecurity issues, this new crisis communications offering will provide companies with a full range of support including:

  • cyber incident communications assessment and preparation
  • development of a cyber-specific crisis communications playbook
  • analytics dashboards to track cybersecurity emerging and/or urgent issues and inform recommendations
  • communications management and support in the event of a cyber incident

Today, every company must be prepared to address cyber issues, from a cyberattack that interrupts an online service or compromises customer data to breaches and vulnerability disclosures. AI is exponentially increasing the volume and pace of cyber incidents while the new SEC rules regarding cyber incident disclosure have shrunk the timeframe in which companies must communicate. Corporate reputation hinges on establishing and maintaining trust before, during, and after an issue so organizations need to focus as much on a proactive communication plan as on their technical defense.

“After decades representing the top cybersecurity companies and navigating every kind of crisis, our team understands the technical nuances of cybersecurity, the rapidly evolving threat landscape, and the growing compliance requirements,” said Carol Carrubba, principal, Highwire. “We know that cyber issues demand specialist attention. Highwire’s new offering brings unmatched cybersecurity expertise with advanced analytics for monitoring and a cyber-specific playbook to ensure the optimal opportunity for reputation resiliency.”

Highwire has always supported clients through corporate and technical crises and all forms of transformation and capital events. Cybersecurity issues stand out for their frequency, rapid changes, complex compliance environment, and potentially dire impact on the brand. Cybersecurity is also a topic of deep importance and interest from the board of directors and investors to the consumer so clear, timely, nuanced communications can have a huge impact on establishing trust and preventing escalation of issues.

This new offering sees Highwire’s corporate and cybersecurity teams uniting to ensure all companies are prepared to manage all inevitable cybersecurity issues. Designed to complement a full crisis plan, Highwire’s new offering starts with an overall assessment of corporate readiness and a review of the current crisis communications plan. If no plan exists or is not current, Highwire can build a complete plan as well.

Then, Highwire will produce a cyber-specific playbook designed to address the full range of cyber-specific issues from vulnerability disclosures to communities or via 8K in compliance with SEC rules to full navigation of potential attacks or service interruptions. An advanced analytic monitoring system will be set up for each client alongside an overall cyber issues monitor. Highwire will alert clients if any suspicious conversations arise in forums, media, social media, Reddit, or other digital platforms. Each month Highwire will provide an overview of the month’s cyber issues with recommendations unique to each client.

Finally, the Highwire team will mobilize to support a full range of issues as needed. Our team, along with our strong network of legal advisors, cyber insurers, and call center response platforms, is in an ideal position to provide the kind of guidance and support that Boards and legal counsel require. Clients who are on retainer with ongoing monitoring will receive a discount on crisis communications billable rates.

For more information about this offering visit: https://www.highwirepr.com/services/cyber-issues-readiness

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