Freshly Baked NYC Delivery Service Introduces Its First Recreational Dispensary to the Bronx Community

Elevating Cannabis Retail: Freshly Baked NYC Redefines the Bronx Experience

Bronx, New York, May 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Freshly Baked NYC, a local cannabis delivery service in the Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens area, is set to open to the Bronx community with the grand opening of its first recreational dispensary on May 11th. Located on Arthur Ave in the heart of Bronx Little Italy,, this brick-and-mortar establishment promises to bring the community a family friendly atmosphere surrounding the store and an upscale atmosphere inside the store that will make all walks of life feel comfortable.

Freshly Baked NYC's dispensary will showcase an extensive selection of locally sourced products from New York, including Ayrloom Cannabis, Silly Nice and CannaCure, alongside beloved national brands that are being produced here in NY State like Cookies, PAX, Jetty Extracts, Kiva Confections including Camino & Lost Farms, as well as Old Pal, Fernway, Packwoods, and Miss Grass.

"We are excited to introduce the Bronx to our curated collection of high-quality, lab-tested cannabis products," says David NicPonski, Founder of Freshly Baked NYC and NYC Social Equity License Holder. "Our mission is to provide the community with a safe alternative to the illegal stores, with lab tested products from right here in New York State and the convenience of mainstream retailers and outlets with online ordering, express pick-up, at home delivery, and an in-store experience that is comparable to most high-end retailers in 2024.

The opening of Freshly Baked NYC's licensed dispensary represents a significant milestone in New York's evolving cannabis landscape. As the 6 storefront to open in the Bronx, it underscores the progress of the Office of Cannabis Management (OCM) in making large changes to increase the speed the licensed cannabis retailers are able to open at, while shutting down the illegal retailers. NYCRA, an organization built to help advocate for these retailers has played a large part in pushing for these changes with the OCM.

"On behalf of the entire New York Cannabis Retail Association (NYCRA), I would like to express my admiration for David Nicponski and Pam Nicponski. Their remarkable dedication and unwavering commitment to the organization and the cannabis industry in New York have not gone unnoticed. I would also like to acknowledge the profound impact that David and Pam's future endeavors hold for their community. Their dedication to serving and uplifting their community through responsible and ethical cannabis retail is commendable. We have no doubt that their leadership will continue to bring positive change and foster a sense of unity within the industry and beyond." Jayson Tantalo - VP of Operations - New York Cannabis Retail Association"

Freshly Baked NYC invites the community to join in the celebration with a "grand opening" on May 11th, starting at 4:20 PM. The dispensary will feature cutting-edge technology, including an online ordering platform provided by Dispense E-Commerce and a Membership Program, "The Baker's Club," powered by Alpine IQ.

"We believe in utilizing technology to connect each guest with the education they are seeking when walking into a dispensary for the first time or twentieth," says B.J. Jordan, Marketing & Customer Experience Manager at Freshly Baked NYC. "99% of guests are looking to understand the product better or how it can help them. We are here to foster that relationship and help be a guide to each individual's cannabis journey. We are here to be educators rather than salespeople. Technology helps us bridge that gap and provide our guests with the information they want, in whatever method works best for them.

The afternoon festivities commence at 4:20 PM, with doors opening to the public at 4:45 PM. Online orders will be open starting at 9:00 AM with fulfillment & pickup beginning at 9:00 AM. Delivery is available everyday via scheduled delivery.

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Freshly Baked NYC Store Front Freshly Baked NYC Grand Opening

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