TrialWire Patient Recruitment Platform that Reboots Stalled Clinical Trials announced as Multi-Award Finalist in the 2024 Citeline Awards

BOSTON, May 12, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The TrialWire™ Rapid Patient Recruitment Platform, the only pay-per-enrolled fixed-fee solution powered by AI and algorithms, has been selected as a finalist by Citeline in three key categories: 

  • Best use of artificial intelligence in clinical trials
  • Best patient-facing technology initiative
  • Best sponsor-facing technology initiative

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TrialWire™ not only finds highly eligible patients on time but also reduces patient communication delays and friction, cutting the contact and screening time at the sites. In a typical study, up to 50% of patients can be lost due to contact failure. The TrialWire™ Unified Communications System and real-time alerts and escalations solves this problem and rapidly reboots trials. Sponsors and CROs can see real time progress and are alerted if any patient contact is not progressed.

Susan Fitzpatrick-Napier, CEO and Founder of TrialWire™, thanked clients and key technology partners for their role in the success of the TrialWire™ Platform, which is being harnessed by biopharma for both site-based and DCT studies.

 “We’re very pleased to build on the 2023 Citeline Award win and again be recognised as a key industry player in the clinical trial space. We want to thank our CRO and biopharma clients across the globe and our world-leading technology partners including Salesforce Health Cloud, Uber Health, and Twilio that enable us to deliver the most advanced secure, efficient, and trusted services for our clients. 

“To be recognized across these 3 categories - as a leader in patient recruitment AI and technology, and excellence in patient and sponsor engagement - is exceptional. It highlights our collective ambition to deliver an innovative, patient-centric, and diversity- and accessibility-focused platform.” 

According to Citeline, these awards “showcase excellence in clinical trial design, technological advancements, and results as well as the outstanding achievements of individuals, departments, teams or organisations.” 

The award categories and finalists are as follows:

Best Use of Artificial Intelligence in Clinical Trials
AI is transforming healthcare, gaining ground in Pharma. It offers novel avenues to enhance drug discovery, clinical development, and new drug adoption. This Award honours those leveraging AI to streamline clinical trial processes or ensure their success.


  • ICON
  • Medidata
  • Moderna
  • TrialWire
  • Yseop

Best Patient-facing Technology Initiative
This Award celebrates the transformative impact of digital health tech in clinical trials. Innovators are reshaping patient data collection with diverse digital tools like smartphone apps and mobile health devices. Judges are seeking products elevating patient experience and data quality, from electronic diaries to innovative mobile devices, fostering seamless trial participation.


  • IQVIA 
  • Medidata’s eCOA - Medidata, a Dassault Systèmes Company
  • Moderna and ProofPilot
  • TrialWire

Best Sponsor-facing Technology Initiative 
This Award acknowledges the crucial role of cutting-edge platforms in maximising clinical trial data. Advanced software drives efficiency across trial stages, aiding sponsors in logistics, monitoring, risk mitigation, and data analysis. Judges seek products enhancing study team management and oversight of trial activities.


  • Bioforum, The Data Masters
  • Certara
  • CluePoints
  • Cytel
  • Medidata: The Medidata Clinical Data Studio Team
  • Phastar
  • TrialWire

With more than 80% of clinical trials failing to recruit patients on time, and 30% of research sites not able to meet enrollment goals (10% of sites don’t enroll any patients), TrialWire™ offers peace of mind and significant cost and time-saving for sites, sponsors, CROs, and investors.

TrialWire™ auto recruitment can start and scale quickly, in under 24 hours, as the platform does not require any approvals to begin.

The TrialWire™ Platform built on the secure Salesforce Health Cloud includes:

  • Dedicated secure portal dashboards for each study coordinator (SC) so they can review patient details and medical information and see real-time progress
  • Dashboards for sponsors and CROs so they can view real-time de-identified referral status data
  • Secure Unified Communications System including text, video (telehealth), emails, and phone for SCs within their dashboard for instant communication with patients to book calls, screen and arrange site visits
  • Automated AI-match and algorithm-driven find, screen and enroll system
  • Minute-by-minute metrics for SCs, sponsors and CROs showing the number of patients referred, contacted, screened, and enrolled at each site
  • Study progress data download for sponsors and CROs
  • HIPAA compliance and patient privacy security
  • Unlimited number of sites globally
  • Available in all languages
  • ScreenMatch – the “white glove” SC support system that helps contact and phone screen patients
  • Uber Health for patient transport bookings

About TrialWire™
TrialWire™ is a privately held technology company that leverages 25 years of experience in the clinical trial patient recruitment sector. 

TrialWire™ is solving the patient recruitment crisis which is one of the most serious problems facing the drug development sector, costing billions of dollars a day due to stalled trials.

The TrialWire™ Platform is the most secure service (powered by Salesforce Health Cloud) that uses AI and advanced algorithms to find the right people who are online researching their condition. It uses all available online information including demographics, intent and content to determine eligibility.

Patients are invited into the Platform and taken through the AI-Match screener then offered an exact study match. No account sign-up is required. The Platform ingests study data from approved trial registries like ClinicalTrials.Gov.

Key to the TrialWire™ success is that the platform looks for motivated people who are active online trying to find out more about their conditions. They can be connected to a site in under two minutes. These people have consistently high retention rates.


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