CEOs of Qualifacts and OPEN MINDS Join Forces to Discuss the Data-Driven Future of Behavioral Health

Josh Schoeller, CEO of Qualifacts, and Monica Oss, CEO of OPEN MINDS, align on a unifying vision and mission

Nashville, Tenn. and Gettysburg, Pa., May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- OPEN MINDS, the leading marketing intelligence and business solutions firm for the health and human services sectors, and Qualifacts, the leading provider of electronic health record (EHR) solutions for behavioral health organizations, will be hosting a CEO discussion with Josh Schoeller and Monica Oss, on the behavioral healthcare market and how to build a strategic framework for long-term sustainability and growth.

This free executive webinar, “Unifying Vision, Unifying Mission: The Data-Driven Future of Behavioral Health,” will be held on May 21, 2024, at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (EST). It will cover:

  • The State of the Behavioral Health Industry
  • Supporting Superior Performance with Unified Business Insights
  • Driving Growth through Data Strategy
  • Optimizing Financial Sustainability with Contextualized Data
  • Building the Future of Behavioral Healthcare through Technology Partnerships

In an era defined by growing challenges, the behavioral health industry stands at a crossroads. Access to essential services remains a critical issue, leaving many individuals stranded without the care they urgently require. Fragmented care, limited resources, and a growing demand for services create a challenging environment for organizations striving to deliver quality treatment.

These challenges are further compounded by significant financial pressures. Traditional fee-for-service (FFS) contracts offer diminishing revenue, while the complexities of value-based care (VBC) introduce new layers of administrative burden and documentation complexity. Payer consolidation creates a landscape with tighter margins, and the emergence of digital first care-models dramatically escalates consumer expectations.

Schoeller commented, “The ultimate competitive advantage for agencies comes down to who can turn their operational, clinical, and financial data into business intelligence. Your technology partner’s ability to harvest, organize, and unify data is the key to creating business insights. That’s what’s going to optimize performance, improve client care, fuel growth, and create long-term sustainability.”

By attending this webinar, executives, technology teams and organizations will gain vital information, tools, technologies, and strategies that will help them solve for now, innovate, improve, and grow their practices.

Registration for the webinar is now open and free of charge. To register, please visit:

About Josh Schoeller

Qualifacts CEO Josh Schoeller brings a wealth of data analytics expertise to the conversation, with over 32 years of experience across various healthcare sectors. His track record includes success in payer, provider, pharmacy, life sciences, and government sectors.  Since assuming leadership at Qualifacts just six months ago, Schoeller has already spearheaded the launch of two transformative solutions—Qualifacts OneQ and Qualifacts iQ. His experience and modern, data-driven perspective, positions Qualifacts at the epicenter of digital transformation in the behavioral healthcare industry.

About Monica Oss

Monica E. Oss, MS, is the founder of OPEN MINDS and serves as its chief executive officer, executive editor of its publications and websites, and executive lead of its consulting engagements. For the past three decades, Ms. Oss has led the OPEN MINDS team on a range of industry research and consultation initiatives, serving as principal investigator on research projects that include adoption of evidence-based practices, and new technologies among many others.

About Qualifacts

Qualifacts is the leading technology provider of secure EHR solutions and services developed specifically for behavioral health and human services. We are a trusted, strategic partner with a loyal customer base of more than 3,000 organizations across all 50 states. We serve non-profit and for-profit organizations, both large and small, including 33% of the nation's CCBHCs. For more information, please visit:


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