2024 Rabbet Report: Risk Management and Automation Emerge as Top Priorities in Construction Finance

AUSTIN, Texas, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Rabbet, the leading provider of construction finance software, today released its highly anticipated 2024 State of Construction Finance Report. The annual report provides critical insights into the evolving dynamics of construction finance, this year’s edition emphasizing the industry’s continued and accelerating focus on the importance of risk management and efficiency.

Highlights from the 2024 Report:

  • Risk Management Takes Center Stage: Risk management shot to the top of lender challenges, up from third place last year (a 58% increase from 2023), highlighting its growing importance in commercial real estate operations.
  • Time-Consuming Reporting: Developers report spending over 20 hours each month (versus 13.5 in 2023) gathering data and creating reports for stakeholders, underscoring the need for more streamlined processes.
  • Automation as a Solution: 62% of lenders believe automating their construction loan processes could significantly reduce manual errors and enhance operational efficiency; 68% of developers feel technology can increase portfolio visibility and efficiency

The annual survey, reaching a broad spectrum of lenders and developers, compares current data with historical trends to track shifts in industry practices and challenges. This year’s insights reveal that both visibility into real-time project data and increased reporting demands are key factors driving the need for advanced solutions in risk assessment and management.

Will Mitchell, CEO and Co-Founder of Rabbet, states, “Our latest findings underscore the critical role of effective risk management in sustaining robust operations. With many external factors like material costs and interest rates beyond our control, leveraging technology to enhance portfolio visibility is essential.”

Rabbet’s report not only outlines the hurdles facing the industry but also charts a path forward, advocating for technological adoption to bolster efficiency and stability in the face of uncertainty.

For more detailed insights from the 2024 State of Construction Finance Report, download the report.

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