Swayze CRM, Led by Tim James, Unveils ‘Lead Safety Net Program’ Challenging Agent CRM with Advanced Sales Support for Insurance Agents

Greer, South California, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Under the visionary leadership of CEO Tim James, Swayze CRM announces the launch of its “Lead Safety Net Program,” a new initiative within its Done-For-You subscription service, aimed at redefining success for agents dealing with Medicare Leads, ACA Leads, Final Expense Leads, Mortgage Protection Leads, and Agency Recruitment Leads. This program directly challenges Agent CRM and other software prevalent in the insurance industry by providing advanced tools and full Facebook ad management to boost the efficiency and effectiveness of insurance sales.

Tim James states, “Our Lead Safety Net Program is tailored to ensure maximum engagement with high-quality leads across various insurance sectors. We are committed to helping agents leverage every opportunity to close more deals, particularly in specialized areas like Medicare, ACA, and final expense insurance.”

With the top automations in the industry that have been used and imitated by many industry competitors, access to top lead vendors and custom built AI Bots available for every campaign; some of the key features of Swayze CRM’s “Lead Safety Net Program” include:

Speed to Lead: Immediate engagement with new leads if agents cannot respond within four minutes.

Missed Call Immediate Callback: Ensures leads are promptly called back if initially missed.

Inbound Call Timeout: Transfers unanswered calls to Swayze CRM’s responsive service team to secure appointments.

Full Facebook Ad Management: Offers comprehensive management of Facebook ad campaigns, enhancing lead generation and campaign effectiveness.

Jacob Radcliffe, CTO of Swayze CRM, adds, “By integrating cutting-edge technology and detailed analytics, we ensure that our agents not only meet but exceed their sales targets. The automation and support provided through our program are unparalleled in the industry.”

This innovative program is set to position Swayze CRM as a formidable competitor to Alex Branning of Agent CRM, offering unmatched support in handling diverse lead types and comprehensive ad management solutions. Agents specializing in Medicare, ACA, final expense, mortgage protection, and agency recruitment are particularly poised to benefit.

Insurance agents eager to enhance their sales strategies with the Lead Safety Net Program are encouraged to visit www.swayzecrm.com to learn more and sign up for a free trial.

About Swayze CRM

Swayze CRM is a leader in CRM solutions for the insurance industry, committed to providing innovative tools that transform how insurance agents manage leads and close sales. Under the leadership of Tim James and Jacob Radcliffe, Swayze CRM continues to innovate and set new standards in CRM technology.

More Information

To learn more about Swayze CRM and the launch of its new “Lead Safety Net Program,” please visit the website at https://swayzecrm.com.

Source: https://thenewsfront.com/swayze-crm-led-by-tim-james-unveils-lead-safety-net-program-challenging-agent-crm-with-advanced-sales-support-for-insurance-agents/


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