Turntide Technologies Unveils Turntide Whitehaven: The Next Generation Low Voltage Inverter

Sunnyvale, CA, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Turntide Technologies, a trailblazer in sustainable energy solutions, proudly announces the launch of Turntide Whitehaven, the sixth and most advanced high-performance version in its inverter portfolio to date.

Turntide Whitehaven heralds a new era of enhanced power density and customization capabilities, setting a higher standard for efficiency, reliability, and innovation.

Turntide Whitehaven has been developed to offer unmatched performance, flexibility, and sustainability. Its applications span across e-mobility, including two-three wheelers, small vehicles, and motorcycles, as well as material handling and any low-voltage electrification needs.

Driven by feedback from customers and a commitment to continuous improvement, Turntide Technologies has crafted Turntide Whitehaven to embody a groundbreaking increase in power density.

This leap forward not only amplifies performance, but also minimizes spatial demands, granting unprecedented adaptability across diverse applications.

A cornerstone of Turntide Whitehaven's capabilities lies in its unmatched customization potential. Turntide Whitehaven embodies a compelling value proposition, delivering higher power density, and high quality and reliability.

The integration of Turntide User Code stands as a testament to this advancement, empowering Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) to seamlessly integrate their unique features directly onto the inverter platform. It also enables custom logical and algorithmic functions via ANSI C / FreeRTOS.

This revolutionary capability grants OEMs unparalleled freedom to innovate, enabling the realization of bespoke functionalities greater than previously available.

Additionally, Turntide Whitehaven boasts an extensive motor library for simplified integration, ensuring market-leading performance, small footprint, and customization capability, all backed by an IP67 rating for durability and resilience in the most demanding environments.

Moreover, Turntide Whitehaven features the latest motor control advancements for Permanent Magnet AC (PMAC) and Induction Motors (IM), maximizing efficiency while minimizing torque ripple.

With maximum torque per amp algorithms tailored for different rotor types, Turntide Whitehaven ensures optimal performance across various motor configurations. Its reliable operation in Field Weakening enables seamless transition to higher speeds when needed, with output frequencies up to 2kHz and maximum motor speeds up to 20kRPM.

Designed to accommodate a range of applications, Turntide Whitehaven supports AC Induction motors and offers voltage options from 48V to 80V nominal battery voltage.

Its advanced user programmability via a dedicated user microcontroller allows for fine-tuning of motor control parameters and vehicle dynamics. Furthermore, Turntide Whitehaven features physics-based vehicle control and setup functionalities, including motor speed limit/control, DC current limit, Hill-hold, anti-jerk, and active damping.

With secondary CAN bus for baud rate bridging (optional), fan PWM control, and speed tacho readback (or wheel speed sensor) capabilities, Whitehaven provides comprehensive features for seamless integration and superior performance.

“We're thrilled to introduce Turntide Whitehaven to the market,” said Mark Cox, Interim CEO, at Turntide Technologies. “With its exceptional power density, customization capabilities, and advanced motor control features, Turntide Whitehaven represents a significant advancement in low voltage inverter technology. We believe it will revolutionize the way OEMs approach motor control and drive innovation in various industries. Turntide Whitehaven stands poised to redefine the landscape of low voltage inverters, offering unparalleled performance, flexibility, and sustainability.”

Turntide Whitehaven will be unveiled to the market at Future Mobily Asia, ACT Expo 2024, and The Battery Show Europe.

Turntide Whitehaven products are now available here


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