Smoke & Mirrors Cannabis Lounge and Thrive Cannabis Marketplace Partner with Garcia Hand Picked for a Grateful Celebration in Las Vegas

LAS VEGAS, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In celebration of the arrival of Deadheads to Las Vegas, Thrive Cannabis Marketplace and its adjacent lounge, Smoke & Mirrors, are excited to announce a unique collaboration with Garcia Hand Picked, a collection of cannabis products and merchandise created in partnership with The Garcia Family to honor the legacy of Jerry Garcia. This partnership coincides with the much-anticipated residency, adding a special touch of music history and cannabis culture to the Las Vegas Strip.

Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, located on Sammy Davis Jr Drive, will feature an exclusive stock of Garcia Hand Picked pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls. You can stick around and step into "Garcia's Green Room" at Smoke & Mirrors, adjacent to Thrive, and immerse yourself in the ultimate pre-show experience.

Garcia's Green Room Preview

Before each show, the lounge will deliver a full playlist of Jerry’s music, setting the perfect mood for fans to connect and indulge in camaraderie. With a custom Garcia-inspired cannabis-infused beverage, the Electric Kool-Aid, alongside Garcia Hand Picked pre-rolls and infused options, this is the place to get into the groove before hitting the concert. Plus, don't miss the chance to explore the full range of Garcia Hand Picked merchandise at the pop-up store within Thrive. It's more than just a dispensary; it's a destination for like-minded fans to come together and celebrate the spirit of Jerry Garcia.

Highlights of the collaboration include:

  • Exclusive Product Launch: Garcia Hand Picked’s renowned pre-rolls and infused pre-rolls available exclusively at Thrive on the Strip and at Smoke & Mirrors Cannabis Lounge.
  • Merchandise Pop-Up: A full range of Garcia Hand Picked apparel and accessories.
  • Garcia's Green Room: A thematic takeover of Smoke & Mirrors, turning it into a haven for Deadheads.
  • Notable Happenings: Show ticket giveaways and memorabilia raffles.

Mitch Britten, CEO of Thrive Cannabis Marketplace, expressed his excitement. “Coming from a family of ‘Deadheads’ – I’m honored to open our doors to Garcia Hand Picked to create a one-of-a-kind opportunity for fans like us to enjoy a consumption space as unique as Vegas… filled with all of the sights, sounds, and everything else you’d expect before a memorable show at the Sphere! Our team, along with Garcia Hand Picked have created a really cool offering and an amazing assortment of products that everyone is sure to love.”

“We created Garcia Hand Picked because cannabis has always been a part of our family. Our father would light up a joint with his friends and have a good laugh. Sharing a joint has always been a meaningful exchange in our home and at shows,” said Trixie Garcia, daughter of the late Jerry Garcia. We are very excited to have a presence in Las Vegas this summer, and Garcia Hand Picked is pleased to supply the people with some superior cannabis during their stay. May it help you take your experience to the next level! Relax, unwind, and open up; this chapter of stoned American history includes the tale of Jerry Garcia, and may his legacy live on! We invite you to join the family and take a trip with us, one joint at a time! With love, Trixie Garcia.”

The collaboration will kick off on May 16th and run through July 13th, aligning with the concert dates at the Sphere, which promises an immersive audiovisual experience unlike any other in Las Vegas.

For more information about the collaboration, the products, and special events during this period, please visit the website links below.

About Thrive Cannabis Marketplace

Thrive is dedicated to providing a broad selection of high-quality cannabis products in a modern and welcoming environment, serving both the local community and visitors on the Las Vegas Strip. For more information, please visit

About Smoke & Mirrors

Adjacent to Thrive, Smoke & Mirrors offers a sophisticated lounge experience for cannabis enthusiasts looking to relax and enjoy their purchases in comfort and style. Whether you're here to savor our premium cannabis flower or to indulge in a unique beverage experience, we've got something special for everyone. For more information, please visit

About Garcia Hand Picked

Garcia Hand Picked is a collection of cannabis products and merchandise created to honor the legacy of Jerry Garcia. From plant genetics to packaging design and marketing, Garcia Hand Picked has been carefully curated by The Garcia Family in collaboration with Holistic Industries to create an inspired cannabis experience that’s the highest quality, spontaneous, harmonious, and can bring people together in the way only Jerry could. Garcia Hand Picked is available in Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Oregon, and Pennsylvania. For more information, please visit

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