Meridianbet Expands Its Global Political Betting Offer Amid US Regulatory Shifts

LAS VEGAS and VALETTA, Malta, May 14, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Meridianbet, a prominent global sports betting and iGaming operator and a part of the Golden Matrix Inc. Group (Nasdaq: GMGI), continues its commitment to offering extensive political betting options amid significant regulatory developments in the USA.

With over 15 years of experience in political betting, Meridianbet continues to set industry benchmarks with its innovative offerings and extensive market reach.

Over 15 years of pioneering political betting

  • Tradition of Excellence: For over 15 years, Meridianbet, a part of the Golden Matrix Inc. Group (Nasdaq: GMGI), has been offering bets on the outcomes of political elections
  • Wide Range of Markets: Their betting portfolio includes elections in the USA, the UK, France, Spain, Italy, Germany, and the countries of Southeast Europe
  • Extensive Odds: Meridianbet provides an extensive range of odds, offering between 500 and 1000 different options per political event.

Focus on US Presidential Elections

Meridianbet's current focus is on the USA elections, where they offer hundreds of betting options. Customers can place bets on a wide array of outcomes, including:

  • The new president’s name
  • The winning party
  • Election results by state
  • Popular vote winner and more

This comprehensive offering ensures that bettors have numerous ways to engage with the political process, making Meridianbet a leader in this niche market.

A Proactive and Compliant Approach

Amid the latest news from the USA, where the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) has moved to ban event contracts tied to political outcomes to avoid putting the futures exchange "in the role of an election cop" ahead of a crucial election in November, Meridianbet continues to solidify its unique market position.

Unlike others, Meridianbet excels at offering betting on political and other non-sports events, setting itself apart in the market.

Extensive Event and Odds Offerings

Meridianbet is a market leader, offering an impressive array of betting options:

  • Pre-match Sporting Events: With some 58,000 pre-match sporting events across 46 sports per month, bettors have a vast selection to choose from
  • Live Betting Opportunities: Each month, nearly 53,257 live betting opportunities provide customers with continuous engagement
  • In 2023, Meridianbet offered a total of 681,084 matches, including 361,931 in real sports, setting a new industry benchmark.

Innovative Feature: The Empty Bet

One of Meridianbet's standout features is the Empty Bet, which allows customers unparalleled customization:

  • Customization at its Best: The Empty Bet feature allows customers to submit their own unique wager ideas, as long as they meet legal, ethical, and industry standards
  • Global Reach: This feature is available to players worldwide, both online and in Meridianbet's retail network of around 700 shops across Europe, the Americas, and Africa.

Meridianbet offers political betting within the broader framework of Empty Bets, offering a level of customization and engagement that is unparalleled in the industry. This feature distinguishes Meridianbet from other betting platforms and provides bettors with a unique and engaging experience.


Meridianbet’s offer is restricted subject to legal, regulatory, and licensing restrictions by respective national jurisdictions.

About Meridianbet

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