Interface Systems Launches AI-Powered Voice-Down Solution with Integrated Remote Intervention

Upgraded solution adds a second layer of defense by alerting Interface’s five diamond-rated command centers

St. Louis, MO, May 15, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Interface Systems, a leading managed service provider of security, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks for multi-location businesses, today announced the launch of an enhanced intelligent voice-down system. This updated solution now seamlessly integrates with Interface Systems’ Interactive Security Operations Center (iSOC), allowing for immediate intervention by remote specialists to augment AI-powered automated deterrents.

As quick-service restaurants (QSRs) and retail establishments continue to battle loitering, vandalism, and burglaries, they are looking for effective solutions to automatically detect and discourage loitering and other suspicious activity. Interface’s intelligence voice-down system can proactively detect individuals and vehicles loitering or behaving suspiciously by leveraging state-of-the-art AI-enabled cameras.  It uses customizable audio messages, auxiliary lighting, and sirens to effectively alert potential troublemakers to the security presence and possible law enforcement response.

If the threat persists even after delivering automated voice-down commands, the system will escalate the issue to remote intervention specialists at the iSOC. Using live video and audio feeds, intervention specialists can quickly assess the situation and take appropriate action, including notifying law enforcement.

"Interface Systems remains committed to delivering innovative solutions that enhance security, streamline operations, and provide peace of mind for businesses nationwide. Our upgraded intelligent voice-down solution represents a significant step forward in proactive security measures for our customers," said Steve Womer, SVP of Engineering at Interface Systems. "By integrating remote intervention capabilities directly into our intelligent voice-down system, Interface is responding faster than ever to potential threats, safeguarding customer premises and ensuring the safety of their customers and staff."

The enhanced voice-down solution can also be deployed for retail, restaurant, and car wash chains that are already leveraging Interface’s Virtual Security Guard services. This integration offers a comprehensive security solution that combines cutting-edge AI-detection technology with expert human oversight.

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Interface Systems Launches AI-Powered Voice-Down Solution with Integrated Remote Intervention

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